Hobnobbing with Askar Bulegenov from Grocemania
Hobnobbing with Askar Bulegenov from Grocemania

So, what does Grocemania do? Our platform allows customers to browse and buy from local stores online and have it delivered by local couriers in as little as one hour. Unlike some of the existing delivery options, we have over 20 stores in one app, only a £10 ‘minimum order’

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Hobnobbing with Pavel Baskakov from Tagsmart
Hobnobbing with Pavel Baskakov from Tagsmart

So, what does Tagsmart do? Tagsmart develops products and services for the artworld. At our core we are a security company. We have developed a triple lock solution to protect art against forgery and fakes. This service and products are called Tagsmart Certify. The Certify platform allows artists to catalogue

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Hobnobbing with Benno Spencer from Raffle House
Hobnobbing with Benno Spencer from Raffle House

So, what does Raffle House do? Raffle House is a property prize competition website and soon to be app. We give our customers the chance to win amazing London properties, mortgages and Stamp Duty free, for just a fiver. What’s behind the business idea? We all know that the UK is

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Hobnobbing with Mark Hahnel from Genomes.io
Hobnobbing with Mark Hahnel from Genomes.io

So, what do Genomes.io do? Genomes.io is a platform that helps to secure the personal DNA data of individuals using encryption and blockchain technology. The distinguishing feature of Genomes.io is that we can securely query the sequence without exposing the data. This has huge potential for revolutionising personal medicine and

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Hobnobbing with Francesco from Feral Horses
Hobnobbing with Francesco from Feral Horses

So, what does Feral Horses do? Well, simply said, we make investing in art as easy as investing in startups or other cool alternative assets. We have built a stock exchange but for art. We are a marketplace so on one hand, artists can use our platform to sort of

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Hobnobbing with Matt Partridge from Infabode
Hobnobbing with Matt Partridge from Infabode

So, what does Infabode do? Infabode reduces the amount of time people spend trying to access key information from the Real Estate industry. It is a free online platform that enables people to customise their experience by choosing the sectors and regions that they would like to see content from.

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Hobnobbing with Gustav Holst Stuge from In My Bag
Hobnobbing with Gustav Holst Stuge from In My Bag

So, what does In My Bag do? We think that device insurance is broken and have decided to fix it. It’s absurd that it takes 2 weeks for a claim to be handled when your phone breaks. With us, we pick up claims in minutes and handle most within 24

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Hobnobbing with Joanne Hunter from Grasmere Gingerbread
Hobnobbing with Joanne Hunter from Grasmere Gingerbread

So, how did the idea for Grasmere Gingerbread come about? The Victorian Tourists were coming to the Lake Districts to see what had inspired great writers and artists and to visit the grave of the poet William Wordsworth, once alighting from their ‘four-in-hand’ coaches at the coaching inn –The Rothay

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Hobnobbing with Sabrina Palme from Gartenzwerg
Hobnobbing with Sabrina Palme from Gartenzwerg

So, what does Gartenzwerg do? The three main reasons why people don’t grow their own food is lack of space, lack of time and lack of knowledge. Yet, many people love to eat fresh food but they fail terribly to even just keep their basil plant alive. Gartenzwerg which is

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Hobnobbing with Elisabeth Och of Hay Hampers

How did the idea for the business come about? In the early 80s we were a husband and wife wine retailer with a small shop serving the Midlands with fine wines that we sourced from vineyards around Europe. From there a seed started that the only thing that makes wine

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Hobnobbing with Derek Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Coffee & TV

Coffee & TV is an independently owned post production facility, operating in the UK and internationally. Since the company was set up in 2012, it has become a profitable, award-winning creative company with a diverse client-base and excellent portfolio of high-end commercials, broadcast design work and music promos. Coffee &

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Hobnobbing with Amy McManus, founder of AM Marketing

AM Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Canterbury, Kent. Founded by Managing Director Amy McManus in September 2013, AM Marketing specialise in digital marketing services, web, video and brand identity. They are a Google Partner agency and were selected for the Google Elevator programme in 2017, which picks

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