Managing Stock Levels at Christmas
Managing stock levels at Christmas for small businesses

Frustrated managing stock levels at Christmas for your small business? Managing stock levels at Christmas can appear to be an unforgiving job. Faced with the possibility of having too much stock left over or too little on fast moving lines can become quite concerning. Christmas is an opportunity for your

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What can you do when your employee raises mental health concerns?

When it comes to your mental health, choosing who to talk to is one of the most important factors in trusting a person. So, if your employee is suffering from something like anxiety then you should never dismiss them. They have come to you for a reason, not necessarily a

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Give your business a spring clean!

If you’re finding that the increase in daylight hours has got you bursting with energy and hopping around the workplace like the Easter bunny then why not put that extra verve to good use and spring clean your business? Here are our do’s and don’ts when it comes to rejuvenating

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How to manage time wasters in your business
How to manage time wasters in your business

In a small business, time is one of the most valuable things and is also something you cannot get back, so when employees are actively wasting time while you’re trying to grow your business it can cause a delay in any progression. But rather than going in with steam coming

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Tips for maintaining your van
Tips for maintaining your van

Being on the road day in and day out can cause the maintenance of your van to fall beyond first expectations. With the contents within the van and keeping on top of busy schedules causing lunch breaks to be taken on the passenger’s seat it is important that your van

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How to manage employees time off over the summer
How to manage employees time off over the summer

As the summer approaches, there will be an influx of annual leave requests flying through the door but, with many small businesses it can be hard to keep things running smoothly in the absence of employees. So how can you manage this? Ensure there is an annual leave policy in

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How to keep your employees happy
How to keep your employees happy

On this international day of happiness, we ask how you can make your employees happy? Clear communication Miscommunication can lead to unnecessary stress and resentment for staff. Take the time to make your expectations clear to employees and give them the opportunity to clarify anything they’re unsure about. If you

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Productivity: One in 20 UK SMEs are clueless

New research has shed light on productivity attitudes for small and medium sized businesses and the findings are less than positive. Close Brothers Group analysed the thoughts of 1,400 UK, French and German decision makers. They found that one in twenty UK SMEs do not know what productivity is or

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5 things the Winter Olympics can teach you about getting your business in shape

The cold weather may have been an inconvenience for most of us but now it’s time to embrace all that is icy as the Winter Olympics get underway. The opening ceremony is hosted at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in South Korea tomorrow. Parallels have often been drawn between elite athletes

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88% of SMEs predicted to trade online in 2018

The number of British small and medium sized firms growing their business online is set to expand at an impressive rate this year. A report by Capital Economics and commissioned by Amazon estimates the figure for SMEs trading online is expected to rise to 88 per cent over the coming

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Don't let Blue Monday get you down!

The annual day of doom was first introduced on 24th January 2005, and the phrase was developed not by a scientist or social commentator but a PR company! It’s been predicted by the University of Exeter that the UK economy could lose as much as £93 billion due to a

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Tips for a pet friendly workplace

Once upon a time, employers may have scoffed at the idea of allowing staff to bring a pet to work but now new research has shown one fifth of Britain’s workplaces are pet friendly. Not only are animals more common in the workplace but it would seem they’re having a

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