Best Exchange Rate Guarantee

1. If you are a client you can take advantage of The FX Firm’s best exchange rate guarantee. Should you manage to find a more competitive rate elsewhere we will better it!

2. You just need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Your company/you must have registered with us – it only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Tell us the amount and the currencies you wish to trade.
  • Tell us the exchange rate you were quoted and the date and time at which you received this.

3. We can then provide you with our best price.

4. To ensure that you qualify for this guarantee please ensure that you have read the points below:

  • You must provide evidence of an active trading account with another provider.
  • The quote must be provided in writing to The FX Firm within 2 hours of receiving it.
  • A ‘quote’ refers to an approximate rate of exchange for a transfer rather than a trade that has already been executed by another provider and which you are contractually obliged to pay for.
  • The FX Firm cannot quote a rate that is better than the rate at which we buy our currency from our counterparties.
  • Any rate quoted must be accepted immediately either over the phone, by email or via our online trading platform. The currency market is live and moves on a second by second basis.
  • The FX Firm’s best rate guarantee does not apply if you have already entered in to a contract with us and we have bought the currency. We cannot cancel or amend a transaction.
  • The FX Firm’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Best Exchange Rate Guarantee will be final.