How to put storytelling at the heart of your business

posted by 6 years ago in Features

If you have invoices to chase, staff to pay and customers to satisfy then being an effective storyteller can slip to the bottom of the priority list however, whether you’re trying to get a start-up off the ground or grow your business, you need to be able to enthuse and inspire others.

It’s national storytelling week so here are our top tips…

Be honest

We’re not talking about works of fiction here – your stories must be rooted in fact and accurately represent your business journey to convey your passion to customers and team members. A good storyteller will build trust around her brand and include highs and lows.

Reach for the stars

Don’t just document the story of your business in terms of how you started and what you’ve done so far but include your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. If you want your story to inspire staff, win customers and attract investment then you need to map out where it leads as well as how it began.


Write your story down so it is there in black and white for all to see and for you to reflect upon. Over time your story will change, so it’s important not to forget the facts and history of your business as well as your dreams, ambition and motivation. The highs and lows are what make your business unique so don’t let them get lost over time.

Share your story

Whether it be face to face (with your staff), via publicity material (with your customers) or through social media (with the world), creating a transparent business with a clear vision is an invaluable marketing tool.

Here are three businesses that could give the Brothers Grimm a run for their money when it comes to telling their story…


Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to prominence with Facebook was so intriguing, it was turned into a film! Scandal around how the company was founded could have been potentially damaging to his social media empire, however it now enhances the rich tapestry that is the Facebook story.

Yeo Valley

The Mead family has been farming in Somerset since the 1400s. Keeping their values and traditions, Yeo Valley has grown into the UK’s top organic dairy brand.

Ella’s Kitchen

Founder Paul Lindley set up the baby food brand after being inspired by his daughter Ella’s eating habits. He wanted to create a healthy and fun attitude to eating for Ella’s generation. His personal story struck a chord with parents.