5 reasons why your business should use podcasting

posted by 4 years ago in Tips

Tomorrow is International Podcast Day which is an annual event that has grown in popularity. Last year podcasts were streamed live from nearly 40 countries for 70 hours!

We thought we’d treat you to 5 reasons why podcasting can be a useful marketing tool for your business.

#1 Brand awareness

What better way to create brand awareness than speak directly to potential customers? In an age where content marketing rules, the opportunity for businesses to show off their people, unique personality and expertise can really boost a brand.

#2 Audience connection

Businesses can reach new audiences and communicate directly with them through podcasting. The popularity of each individual podcast gives a useful insight into what engages your audience. Podcasts allow relationships to build on a large platform without you ever having to meet the individual. This can be taken to the next level by opening the dialogue and asking your podcast regulars what they’d like to hear about from you in the future.

#3 Traffic generation

You can broadcast your podcasts on your blog or website and spread their reach further through iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud. You can also improve traffic to your website by sharing your podcasts on social channels.

#4 Improve public speaking skills

Regular podcasting can take the fear factor out of public speaking. It can also help you to become fluent when speaking about a range of topics concerning your business. Not only can this benefit you when it comes to public speaking but also with press, PR and media opportunities to promote your business.

#5 Employee communications

Podcasts can be used for training your staff, making announcements and praising them for their work. As a business owner life can be hectic and podcasting opens the lines of communication with staff quickly and easily.