5 Twitter tricks for small businesses

posted by 4 years ago in Tips

Like it or loathe it social media has come to play a large role in the marketing of small businesses. With more than 316 million active monthly users engaging in instant conversations, the social platform shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are 5 top tips for hashtagging your way to success…


Think networking but without leaving your desk! Get creative and use the free search bar to find out what people in your industry are Tweeting about. There’s no point firing out random comments unless your target audience (of potential customers) are on the same wavelength as you. Searching key words will pull up a selection of Tweets. Avoid becoming spam by offering interesting, engaging and relevant information and insights.

Be organised

There are a host of Twitter management tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck that will help you to get organised and keep on top of your social media activity. Use the list functionality to organise individuals into lists of customers, influencers and even competitors – this will help you streamline your process.

Embrace the #

If there’s something big going on in the media, then think about how you can use it to put an engaging spin on what you want to say and generate more connections and interest. If something big is happening, then the chances are that it will have its own hashtag. Use the hashtag to get involved in the conversation. This should see your engagement levels grow.

Prepare a content strategy

Twitter is fast paced so be ready to engage by preparing what you want to put out there in advance. Use an editorial calendar and pencil in events, blogs, promotions and brand messaging you want to get out during the month. This should help you to stay relevant with your content.

Be your own unique brand

Getting a personality is an important part of being successful on Twitter. You should be unique and your Twitter feed should contain a stream of useful and engaging information. Using images will help you to create more of an impact.