Businesses are spending 129.6 million hours in the dark every year

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Research has found that businesses within the UK are suffering 129,600,000 hours of darkness each year due to power cuts, it was also found that the hours of blackouts cost an average SME £5,000 per year in business.

Enterprises in Britain are currently experiencing thousands of pounds in losses due to power cuts causing a delay in business. The recent poll indicates that SMEs within the UK spend a rough total of 129.6 million hours in complete darkness.

Those who responded to the poll were asked to give a rough answer to “how many hours have you spent without power, thanks to power cuts, in the last year?” In response 24 hours was given as the average time spent without power – this is the same as three average working days (7.5 hours). According to the House of Commons, there are currently 5.4 million SMEs within the UK and only a shocking 5% are not experiencing the 129.6 million hours of darkness last year.

Respondents were also asked how much they believed they had lost due to the power cuts – the average amount worked out as £5,050 each year whilst one respondent revealed that they lost approximately £1 million in total.

Energy expert at, Steph Salusbury comments;

“Choosing an energy supplier that performs consistently well for your business is very important. Currently, only a small percentage of businesses choose to switch their supplier, however comparing the options will not only save you money but could also ensure you have a better quality of service if anything does go wrong. There are a few scenarios that commonly cause power cuts and, as we’re approaching the autumn/winter months, there are a number of factors that SME businesses should consider.

Severe weather conditions, strong winds causing debris and trees that may fall on power lines, also floods causing underground cable damage.

Overgrown trees are a particular cause for concern so cutting back trees is vital to the supplier networks to maintain the power lines.

Your local network distribution would endeavour to return the power to your premises as soon as possible, to ensure your business isn’t impacted too much.”

Steph Salusbury, Energy expert at