How to conduct the perfect job interview

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How to conduct the perfect interview

Whether you are the employer or employee, job interviews can seem very scary and perhaps a lot of work and if you’re avoiding them then you are not the only one!

An interview can be a big deal to all of those involved – they allow the candidate to show off their talent and why they deserve a job at the establishment but they also give the employer a chance to meet their potential newest member which can give them some inside knowledge of that person and their work ethic so, although you are dreading the day as if it is doom day you should actually look forward to it as it is a new adventure for everyone!

Here are our job interview do’s and don’ts…

Preparing for an interview

First of all, you will want to narrow all the CVs down to your favourite top 10 but remember, everyone has potential so try and pick a wide variety of people even if their skill set is not exactly what you want – they might surprise you!

Select the most appropriate job interview questions

Question Time! You must think seriously about what you want to ask them so you can get the right balance of knowing a bit about them on a moderate personal level and about what they know and how good they will be at the job they are there for. Don’t forget – it is an interview, not an interrogation make it seem friendly and welcoming not cold and harsh or even worse rushed! Great questions for employees do not have to be difficult or trick questions.

Be polite but don’t tease!

Although the interviewee will do the majority of the talking, they will leave gaps for you whether that is for reassurance or because they need a little pause to catch that train of thought they lost! If and when this happens don’t be negative, however, if they are definitely not getting the job then try not give them false hope either.

Keep the conversation flowing

When they do leave gaps try to ask follow-up questions or talk about yourself perhaps when you interviewed or if and when you started the company what made you do it. Talk about your passions and your hobbies this will tell them that you are engaged and interested in them as a potential candidate it will also make them feel much more relaxed.

Call them – even if it is bad news!

One of the worse things you can do as an employer is not call them – regardless of whether they have got the job or not call them! Just by not calling them you are knocking their confidence. Also by not calling them you are leaving them in the dark so they might call you instead which could become very awkward!

So there we have it, a step-by-step guide on how to conduct the perfect interview! However, don’t blame us if the candidates are not what they first appeared to be!