How to juggle a holiday with running a business

posted by 5 years ago in Tips

The sun is shining, the waves are lapping and the kids are playing happily on the sand. You should be in seventh heaven and yet…

Whilst you may be many air miles away from your small business, detaching yourself from the merry-go-round can be an impossible task. A recent survey found that three quarters (76%) of entrepreneurs don’t even take holidays for fear of what might happen while they’re away! Here are our top tips for making the most of your chill out time…


If you suddenly run for the hills without preparing your staff before-hand you could be risking the well-being of your business. However, if you appoint a replacement whilst you’re away and delegate key tasks the transition should be much smoother. Not only will it give you a well-earned rest but also provide members of your team with the chance to shine and develop skills whilst you’re away.


Unless you’re a very small operation or have just started-up, if you can’t take the time off then perhaps you should be asking why not! Showing your team that you trust them to take the reins and make decisions whilst you’re away can really boost staff morale and improve working relationships. Although you’re unlikely to ditch the phone coverage altogether, having the confidence in your team to make decisions in your absence is a sign of strength and good leadership.

Being realistic

The chances of you being able to turn off the phone and e mail altogether may be slim but that doesn’t mean you have to forego a holiday completely! Do your research and ensure you’re staying somewhere that’s in easy reach of Wi-Fi and a decent phone signal.


If you really can’t avoid checking in regularly then set yourself a window of opportunity at the same time each day that doesn’t interfere with your holiday plans. Not only will your staff then know you’re available at this time each day for pressing matters but it’ll also allow your family or fellow travellers to plan for your absence. This might take 2 minutes or two hours depending on what’s going on, however it should avoid regular interruption of your day!

Shut up shop

If you’re a micro business or sole trader and finances will allow, then consider taking a break altogether. Just don’t forget to leave a message on your phone and ‘out of office’ so customers know you’re taking a short break and haven’t ceased to exist completely. With careful planning you can organise your time around your break and, you never know, may even have an added burst of energy or inspiration as a result of it!