Is a mentor a part of your business?

posted by 6 years ago in Features

To celebrate National Mentoring Day, we have come up with 4 reasons on why having a mentor in your business is crucial to sustaining moral and performance of the business as a whole.

Driving towards success

Having a business mentor as part of your team will not only encourage staff but they will also push employees to grow and succeed within the company. In a way you can think of a mentor as the good side of your conscience, which means that they are always there for you, giving you the go-ahead to develop and increase skills in and out of the workplace!

A peer to learn from

As well as developing your skillset, a mentor is also there to teach lessons along the way which will benefit your performance and perhaps self-esteem within your job role and as a person. Regardless of where you are at on a professional level there is always room to progress, however when it comes to climbing the ladder it isn’t all about what you know, it can be about how you act upon it. So, with a mentor at reach you can listen and learn the steps needed to reach personal goals – which may or may not be within the current company you work for.

Negative feedback is positive feedback

A good thing about having a mentor within the company is that they are not the employee’s bosses or managers which means every sort of feedback given from them is useful and in its own way  positive, although it’s not meant to be considered negative, sometimes feedback from bosses/managers can seem potentially hurtful and perhaps a knock to a person’s confidence, but if it comes from a mentor it means more, because they can challenge your weaknesses and highlight your strengths without seeming in favour of some employees compared to others. The relationship between a mentor and an employee should be strictly adult to adult rather than an adult to a student or in some cases a child!


Having a mentor work alongside you means that there is a story to your job with a beginning, a middle and a continuous end. Mentors are there to watch over employees, to guide them and to teach them throughout their journey within the company. In some ways a mentor will act as a proud parent at the end because they have watched you grow and achieve goals they knew you could with a little push.

If that’s not enough to make you question whether a mentor is needed in the workplace or not, then we are not sure what is! Let your staff grow, with the help of a mentor.

Happy #NationalMentoringDay!