Productivity: One in 20 UK SMEs are clueless

posted by 3 years ago in Tips

New research has shed light on productivity attitudes for small and medium sized businesses and the findings are less than positive.

Close Brothers Group analysed the thoughts of 1,400 UK, French and German decision makers. They found that one in twenty UK SMEs do not know what productivity is or how to measure it.

So, what can be done to increase employee productivity now? Here are some tips…

Empower your team

Low staff morale can lead to sluggish behaviour. This is a major factor contributing to poor productivity. Ensure workers know that you value them by including them in decisions, investing in their development and setting clear goals for success. Produce an employee productivity chart to help workers improve personal productivity.

Reward success

You might think a monthly pay packet should be enough of a reward but there’s a lot to be gained by adding small bonuses and incentives. Sometimes just some public recognition is the pat on the back that employees need to push forward.


Short coffee and lunch breaks are not a waste of time. Encourage staff to step away from their work stations to exercise and clear their minds.

Communicate effectively

If tasks are not being done as quickly or as accurately as you’d like, ask yourself is there something you can do about it? Sometimes you may feel you have communicated a straight-forward task, however your staff may be unclear. Where possible have an open-door policy to encourage questions and avoid confusion.

Avoid pointless meetings

Never take part in a meeting that doesn’t have a clear purpose, agenda and start and finish time.