Revealed: the region with the happiest workers

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If your business operates within Yorkshire and the Humber then there’s every chance your workers are happy! That’s according to new research that has assessed how British employees feel about their jobs and reveled the region with the happiest workers.

The joint study by Robert Half UK and the Happiness Works gives a regional breakdown of the level of satisfaction of workers with vastly different results.

It reveals that 70 per cent of workers in Yorkshire and the Humber are happy compared to just 56 per cent in Scotland and 60 per cent in South East England.

Reasons for feeling unhappy included dull work, lack of workplace friendships and clashing with team members.

Breakdown of respondents who are generally happy at work

Yorkshire and the Humber


East of England












Source: Robert Half UK and Happiness Works

Other key findings reveal:

  • Londoners have the most influence but are the most stressed

Half of employees in the capital claim they influence decision making and 71% get a sense of accomplishment from their work compared to a national average of 63%. However, 35% of Londoners claim their job is stressful, higher than the national average of 31%

  • Northerners are most appreciated

Over half of those in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster are valued by their employers but those in the East of England feel under-appreciated with 28% of employees in cities like Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich not feeling recognised for their efforts

  • Yorkshire and the Humber does the most worthwhile work

Nearly three quarters (73%) of those in Yorkshire and the Humber believe they do meaningful work compared to one in seven (14%) Southerners who claim they do not do anything significant

  • East of England comes bottom for fairness and respect

Only 59% of employees in the East feel they are treated fairly, below the national average of 67%

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director, Robert Half UK comments;“Happy employees are more engaged, interested and committed. All organisations that want to be successful must make it a priority to introduce policies and initiatives that improve team rapport, make employees feel fulfilled and improve how happy workers feel in their job on a day-to-day basis,”

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