Top renewable business energy companies

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Top renewable business energy companies

If you are interested in using renewable energy to power your business, there are many suppliers to choose from. The energy industry is making great moves towards increasing the use of renewable energy, with many suppliers beginning to offer competitive green business tariffs. The following are some of the top renewable business energy suppliers in the UK, including some of the ‘Big Six’ and a selection of independent suppliers.


Bulb is a relatively new energy supplier, although since 2015 their simple tariffs and commitment to supplying renewable energy has made them a popular choice for many businesses. Their entire electricity supply is sourced from 100% renewable sources, with a single tariff and very competitive prices. If you do decide to move to another supplier there is no minimum contract length and they do not charge exit fees.

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK are currently the only supplier to offer 100% green gas and 100% green electricity, making them one of the greenest energy suppliers available. They use hydro, wind and solar renewable energy sources and the contracts are offered with no exit fees. For business users it is possible to choose between renewable electricity tariffs and dual fuel plans.


As one of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, NPower is a popular option for many businesses. They currently offer 100% green electricity, although renewable gas supplies are not yet available. If you decide at a later date to switch to another supplier, your business will be charged an exit fee. However, there are no auto-rollovers on their energy contracts, which makes switching to the best tariff quick and easy.


Ecotricity is the only energy supplier to be approved by the Vegan Society and they also campaign against fracking. They offer 100% green electricity, although their gas supply is not yet 100% green. If you are looking for a renewable and ethical energy supplier, Ecotricity could be a great option.

OVO Energy

OVO Energy are another supplier offering 100% green electricity, although they also offer 15% green gas. They use a variety of renewable sources, including anaerobic digestion, solar power, wind power and hydro power. They have won awards for their customer service, although there is an exit fee to pay if you switch to another supplier.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy provide 100% green electricity by matching your usage levels to the amount of renewable energy generated. The supplier has a great reputation for competitive prices and transparency about its renewable energy sources. They provide both electricity and gas tariffs, although opting for their green tariff will provide you with a 100% renewable electricity supply.


E.ON provides 100% green electricity through a competitive tariff, while also investing continually in renewable energy supplies. As another of the Big Six suppliers, many businesses use the energy services of E.ON.

If you are worried about finding the best renewable energy supplier at the best possible prices, it is actually much easier than you might think. Renewable energy isn’t always more expensive, especially when we can help you compare prices. You will be able to purchase your renewable energy in exactly the same way as your current supply, the suppliers simply sell you energy which they have brought from renewable sources.

We can help you compare quotes for your renewable business energy from our panel of suppliers, saving you time and money. All we require are a few key details about your consumption habits and we will then be able to find the best tariff for your individual business. If you would like to find out more about switching to a renewable energy supplier, please contact our team today.