What do I do if my business is failing?

posted by 2 years ago in Tips

There are many reasons why a business fails, but if you can spot the spiralling fall before it is too late then there is a high chance you can save it.

But what can you do to stop your business from falling down the plug-hole?

Marketing – specifically digital!

We now live in a world run by technology and all things social media, so for your business to be promoted as much as it can and for free (essentially), you need to take advantage of social media and digital marketing – however, it is wise to bare in mind, that depending on the type of business you run only some networks are suitable – for example if your business is strictly B2B (business to business) then the likes of Facebook might not necessarily be where your target audience lies. For B2B organizations your audience will most likely be seen and heard on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Although blogging may seem tedious and time-consuming to you, it can really help with how search engines rank your site, this is called SEO – search engine optimization. Blogging means that your site has constant and fresh content uploaded and as long as it is relevant to what your business offers, the likes of Google and Bing will pick this up as good and begin increasing your position when relevant search terms are entered by consumers.


If you find the door to your business barely used, then it might be that you are not aware of who your target audience is. By not knowing who your audience is, you do run the risk of pushing your business into the ground. Before you even begin your business journey you should research and learn about the audience you are trying to target – is your business open to other businesses or is it strictly consumer?

Make room for flaws!

When starting a business excitement is bound to be the only feeling with maybe a hint of fear and although that is not necessarily a bad thing you must take into consideration that your business might not rocket within the first few months or even year! As part of your business plan you should always include a section about what your business will do if it at first it does not succeed. Not only will this prevent nightmares, it will also leave you with a back-up plan if things were to turn south.


Do you have other ideas that you can bring to the table? Unfortunately, not every idea works but if you have something else to offer then this can give you a second shot at succeeding within the business world and it saves you from shutting up shop completely!