The wildest office Christmas party revellers are revealed!

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As we enter the festive period, shocking antics that happen at the office Christmas party have been revealed!

UK online printer, instantprint, recently surveyed 2,000 office workers. They were asked a range of questions around what happens at their office Christmas party and awkward encounters they’ve experienced. Revelations ranged from office workers asking their CEO for a new job, to chasing their boss around on the dance floor and falling through a marquee during a director’s speech. It’s fair to say, some office workers have behaved very badly at their office Christmas party.

So, who are the worst offenders at the Christmas party?

Surprisingly, HR were revealed to be the wildest at the work Christmas party, with 40 per cent of HR workers having considered handing in their notice the day after their party. Furthermore, 51 per cent of HR workers admit they felt nervous about going into work the day after the party and 52 per cent admitted they have said something which they regret.

And the biggest Christmas party regrets?

Workers in Scotland wish they hadn’t got carried away and asked for a pay rise whilst those in the South East have a hangover about fancying a colleage and those in Yorkshire and the Humber regret sharing colleague secrets.

Co-founder of instantprint, James Kinsella, commented on the survey findings:

“The office Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to bond with your team mates and let your hair down at the end of the year. However, some office workers feel anxious about attending their work Christmas party in case they embarrass themselves or do something they later regret. We hope that this research will provide office workers with a few words of advice on surviving the much-anticipated Christmas party, along with some entertaining stories, so they can relax and enjoy the festivities.”