YouTube talent: An interview with popular fitness blogger Carly Rowena

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Carly Rowena

With over four billion video views everyday and 60 hours worth of footage per minute the chances of creating a wave on YouTube are becoming increasingly competitive. However, an impressive number of UK vloggers are making their mark on the channel globally and turning their passion for video blogging into their livelihood. Here we discuss balance, fans and working 6am to 11pm with successful personal trainer and fitness blogger Carly Rowena.

How many YouTube subscribers do you have and how did you first get into fitness blogging?

I have 277,000 subscribers (June 2016) and first got into blogging 2.5 years ago.

At what point did you see it as a possible career/ business opportunity?

At around 20,000 followers I realised I had a passion or fitness and really enjoyed making YouTube videos, it was around that time that my followers started interacting with me more and brands started getting in contact with potential collaborations.


You’re a qualified personal trainer and you also blog and vlog about body confidence. How important is it to strike a balance between the two?

Balance is the whole motto of my work, too many people give it all or nothing when really all you have to do is move your body and fuel it but with a little balance, eat what you enjoy but monitor the quantity, it’s actually very simple.

Your website is very creative with beautiful images, well edited videos and engaging content. Do you do all of this yourself and, if so, is it difficult to juggle?

I am in complete control of all of my social channels, it means I get to fall in love with my fans and find out exactly what they want however it is incredibly difficult to juggle and can leave you with very little social life, although totally worth it!

How do you balance this with the commercial side of what you do?

It’s all about planning and making use of your day, there is no more 9 – 5, it’s more 6 – 11. I schedule my day, my clients, my workouts, my food, my meetings around everything, it is hard to juggle but I’m just about on top of it!


You recently visited Zambia to support the charity Water Aid. How important is it that high profile bloggers raise awareness of good causes?

For me trips like Zambia are what having a social following is all about, I have a social presence and a voice that’s some people want to listen to, if i can get them to fall in love with topics that can change the world then I’m going to do all I can to shine a light on topics that i believe in and try to get more interest from those around me.

Lots of young people have an interest in blogging and vlogging. What advice would you give them about turning their passion into their job?

I would tell anyone and everyone to have some form of social media presence. I never knew what I wanted to be and feel that there is so much pressure on people to find their dream career. Luckily YouTube and my followers showed me mine as without them I would have been hating my previous 9-5. Just remember to be yourself and don’t try to be a copy, there’s a reason we’re all born unique, stay like it!

What’s next for you?

I love this question because in all honesty it changes ALL the time, the most incredible thing about my career is that I never know what email will be next, it’s the ultimate dream and I feel so lucky to be in it!