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A guide to helping you understand business electricity providers

A guide to business electricity suppliers UK wide

Have you have been searching for cheap business electricity suppliers? If so, it is likely you have noticed just how many provide electricity across the UK. At the moment there are over 50 business electricity providers, which all provide a variety of rates, conditions and contracts. Therefore, with such a variety of tariffs available it can be difficult to compare business electricity suppliers.

To ensure every business has access to the best business electricity suppliers, we provide a free no-obligation electricity comparison service. Our dedicated business energy team understand everything there is to know about business electricity. This means we can search our panel of lenders to find you a variety of quotes which meet your requirements.

How to compare the rates offered by business electricity providers

Business electricity companies will divide the rates they charge into two components, the unit price and the standing charge. The unit price relates to the price of the electricity per unit. This is measured in kilowatts per hour (kWh) is usually priced somewhere between 10p and 30p per kWh. The standing charge is the price a business pays each day for the usage of the service. It is a fixed amount and covers the cost of supplying and maintaining the grid which supplies the premises.

Most small business electricity suppliers will provide 3 possible types of business electricity rates; fixed, flexible and deemed rates. The majority of businesses are tied into fixed or flexible rate contracts, as these tend to be cheaper than deemed rate contracts. For example if a business needs a short-term electricity supply and has not signed a contract, they will usually pay an expensive deemed rate. The supplier will charge more as they have no guarantee of the length of time the supply will be required for.

With so many aspects to consider we have designed our electricity comparison service to be as simple as possible. All we require are a few details, such as the name of your supplier, how much you currently pay and the date which your contract ends. We will then use this information to negotiate quotes for your business. If you decide to switch to a new supplier, we will pass your details across to them. They will handle the whole transfer process with no disruption to your services.

What factors will impact the price of business electricity?

There are a variety of factors which will impact the price which the business electricity providers charge. Including, the size of your business, the contract length required, the location, payment method and the businesses credit rating.

In general, the best rates will be offered to larger businesses who want shorter contracts. As these businesses will consume a large percentage of the pre-purchased energy at relatively predictable prices. In addition, if your business is situated in a metropolitan area, the infrastructure and connectivity process is often much quicker. This will reduce prices when compared to rural areas, which will require a larger investment. The provider will also favour businesses with an excellent credit rating, who demonstrate a commitment to paying on time.

However, if your business does not fulfil these factors, you could still secure a competitive supply from our business electricity providers. Many suppliers reserve their best deals for customers who are new to a tariff. This means that it may even be possible to switch to a more competitive tariff without changing to another supplier.

Which business electricity suppliers are included in the comparison process?

The panel of business electricity providers which we work with are known for their competitive prices and business-friendly customer service. We work with the ‘Big Six’ and a hand-picked selection of smaller providers, so that you benefit from the best deals available. The ‘Big Six’ provide around 80% of the electricity and include; British Gas, Southern Electric, E.ON, EDF Energy, npower and Scottish Power. Large companies command a large percentage of the market share, but there are a variety of independent business electricity suppliers. Most importantly, these could also offer competitive business electricity tariffs, along with a great level of customer service.

Who are the 'Big Six' business electricity providers?

EON business electricity

E.ON are one of the largest suppliers of energy in the UK and they provide some competitive tariffs to businesses. The minimum length of contract they offer is 1 year, but you could secure fixed rate plans for up to 3 years. If your business is keen to reduce its carbon footprint, E.ON provide a Business Green tariff. This option means your electricity is supplied by 100% renewable energy.

SSE business electricity

SSE is part of the large Scottish and Southern Group and is situated in Perth, Scotland. In 1998 the Southern Electric business merged with Scottish Hydro-Electric to form the energy company we know today. Its fixed rate contracts are similar to E.ON and start with lengths of 1 year. Their electricity contracts are designed to meet the requirements of small businesses, with plans designed to improve business efficiency. In addition, their experienced advisors can provide useful advice about how to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

EDF business electricity

EDF is a French company and is known for offering competitive business electricity prices within the UK. They offer fixed rate contracts for lengths of 1 year up to a maximum of 3 years. These are ideal for securing prices for a long period of time. They provide a wide range of tariff options which are mainly tailored to the requirements of small businesses. For example, their Energy Saver package which does not include any standing charges.

Npower business electricity

Npower are known for offering competitive business electricity tariffs to new customers, so they are ideal if you are looking to switch to a new supplier. Their electricity packages are designed to provide you with the ability to save money on your electricity bill. This means you could benefit from free energy monitors which will continue to audit your usage levels. Their UK-based support team will then provide useful tips on how your business could reduce its consumption.

Scottish Power business electricity

Like many of the other ‘Big Six’, Scottish Power provide contracts which range from 1 year to 3 years, with a dedicated UK team. They provide a self-service online portal which is easy to use and will enable your business to manage its account. By providing quick access to usage details, it is possible to monitor energy efficiency and focus on reducing usage levels.

British Gas business electricity

British Gas provide a variety of business electricity tariffs for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multi-site organisations. For instance, their flexible plans include discounts for businesses with multiple sites, online billing and smart meters, which help to improve energy efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you compare the best business electricity suppliers, please contact our team today.

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