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A guide to helping you understand and compare business gas prices online

Compare business gas rates

If your business gas rates are absorbing an increasing amount of your profits, it's time to compare business gas prices. Comparing business gas tariffs could reduce your energy costs, so that you have additional cash to grow and expand. Here at BusinessComparison, we can help you compare business gas prices per kWh from a variety of providers. This means that you can switch to the most competitive contract, so you never pay more than you need to.

Is your business benefitting from the best business gas rates?

It is important to ensure your business is signed up to a supplier which provides the best business gas prices. By comparing regularly your business will benefit from larger profits and more control over its energy costs. When your business has been with the same supplier for years, the chances are that you're paying unnecessary high prices. If you have never agreed a contract you could even be paying for an expensive deemed rate contract.

By paying expensive business gas rates, you will be losing capital which could be put to better use. Our energy team can source the ideal business gas plans, allowing you to benefit from the best business gas prices. We will also find a contract that suits your businesses unique requirements. Whether you rely on gas to heat a small space or a large warehouse, our team can help you find cheap business gas prices.

Unlike domestic gas tariffs, business gas rates are bespoke to each individual business. This can make it time-consuming to compare the available rates. However, with a professional comparison service, a dedicated team will manage every aspect on your behalf. If you do decide to switch suppliers there is no disruption, as the gas will still be supplied using the existing pipes.

Which suppliers offer the cheapest business gas rates?

As the largest supplier in the UK, British Gas business rates are paid by many organisations across the country. Although, there are many other suppliers available who can also offer competitive business gas prices and an excellent service.

Our panel includes all the suppliers which you know and trust. However, we also hand-pick a variety of independent gas suppliers which are committed to putting your business first through excellent prices. Our panel includes; British Gas, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy, which are known as the ‘Big Six’. Every supplier on our panel has been chosen based on their ability to provide excellent deals and great customer service.

How much could your business save by switching to lower business gas rates?

The amount you could save on your business gas rates will depend on a variety of factors. Such as, the size of your organisation, the number of employees and how efficient your business is with gas usage. The actual price of your gas supply is calculated using two separate charges, the unit rate and the standing charge. The unit rate is the price you pay per unit for your gas supply, it is measured in pence per kWh. Whereas, the standing charge is a daily fee that the supplier charges for the maintenance and supply of your gas.

There are a variety of tariffs available from each of the suppliers, which means there are many different business gas prices available. The most popular option is a fixed rate tariff, as your business is then protected against price rises. This means the cost of your supply will remain the same, making it easy to budget and plan business expenses.

Alternatively, some businesses choose a flexible tariff, where the prices change to reflect the wholesale price of the gas supply. If gas prices fall, the supplier may pass these savings on to their customers which could see business gas prices drop. One of the main benefits of a flexible tariff, is that it is possible to leave contracts with just 30-days’ notice. This is ideal for businesses which only require a short-term supply, because they are moving premises. Alongside those who like to compare regularly to take advantage of the lowest business gas rates.

How to switch to the best business gas prices UK wide

The ideal time to search for the most competitive business gas rates is during your renewal window. This will usually be between 1 and 6 months before the end of your contract. Your supplier will send you a renewal quote, which can be used to compare the business gas prices offered by competing suppliers.

Switching to the most competitive business gas tariffs is quick and simple with the help of our energy comparison team. To start the process all we require are a few simple details, which you can enter into our online form. Alternatively, you can also provide them to our team over the phone.

The majority of the information can be found on your most recent gas bill, although your contract will also include the details. We need to know the name of your current gas provider, the tariff you are signed up to and when it ends. It is also useful to know the type of supply you have and how much gas your business is using.

Compare prices to find the lowest business gas prices

This information will be used to build a picture of your business gas requirements. This means that we can search our panel of lenders and negotiate the best business gas rates on your behalf. By providing us with as much information as possible, we will be able to find accurate business gas prices. As a result, you will be able to make an informed decision about the quotes you receive.

Business gas prices are likely to be the most important factor which you consider when comparing quotes. Although, the suppliers can vary significantly in terms of the service they offer and their terms and conditions. For example, if your business is looking to reduce its environmental impact, there are some suppliers which use greener energy sources.

It is also important to compare the flexibility of the available tariffs, as it is likely that your consumption may change. A supplier which offers great deals to larger businesses or with flexible contract terms, could provide long-term benefits to your business.

How to switch to a new business gas supplier

You might decide to switch to a new supplier, or even remain with the same provider but sign a new contract. Whatever you decide, we will manage the whole switching process on your behalf. Once you decide which quote offers your business with the best deal, we will pass the details across to the supplier. They will then arrange for your old contract to be closed and the new supply to be arranged. You will receive a changeover date, which will be the date your new contract begins. On this day you should take a final meter reading, as this will be used to calculate the final bill.

Switch to the best gas prices for your business today!

If you are interested in finding the best gas prices for small businesses or large organisations, our team are always available. The whole comparison and switching service is complete free of charge, with no-obligation to switch to a new business gas tariff. To find out more or to start the comparison process, please contact our team today.

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