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A guide to helping you understand and compare cheap business gas suppliers

A guide to finding a cheap business gas supplier

If you are on the lookout for the cheapest business gas supplier UK wide, you may have noticed the vast number available. It is likely you have come across a wide variety of gas suppliers who all claim to offer the most competitive prices. However, the number of available deals, prices and contract terms can make it difficult to quickly find a cheap business gas provider. Especially if you are searching for once which meets your exact requirements.

Here at BusinessComparison it is our aim to make it simple for you to find the cheapest gas supplier UK wide. This useful guide will take you through the various steps involved in securing a cheap business gas contract.

How are business gas prices calculated?

To effectively compare prices, you need to understand how the prices are calculated and the tariffs available. This will help you compare the suppliers which can provide you with cheap business gas.

The price your business is charged overall can be divided into two separate charges, the unit rate and standing charge. The unit rate is the price you are charged for each unit of gas consumed and is measure in pence per kWh. Whereas, the standing charge is the fee which is charged per day to maintain and provide you with the gas supply.

Fixed and variable rate tariffs

These prices are separated into a variety of tariffs, although the most common are fixed and variable rate tariffs. If your business has not agreed a contract, you may be signed up to a deemed rate contract. This could be due to a recent relocation, or you may have overlooked confirming a contract. These are the most expensive tariffs, so if you are looking for cheap business gas it is best to avoid these.

A fixed-rate contract will usually be slightly more expensive per unit than a variable rate-tariff. Although, you will benefit from fixed unit prices until the contract ends. This is ideal if you know your business is unlikely to move to a new address. It can be beneficial to lock in cheap business gas prices for up to 3 years, especially when budgeting.

If you are looking for a short-term contract a variable rate tariff may be more suitable. They will also enable you to take advantage of cheap business gas rates if wholesale prices fall.

What factors affect how cheap business gas will be?

The actual price you are charged for your gas supply will be decided by a variety of factors. Including; business size, length of contract, business location, usage patterns and your method of payment. The most important factor when calculating how cheap business gas will be is the size of your business. As larger businesses use more gas, the suppliers are likely to offer cheap business gas to these businesses. The supplier will look at which usage category you fall into, with the lowest rates offered to those which use the most.

The contracts which fix prices for the longest periods of time possible will usually charge the highest rates. This is because suppliers need to reduce their risk by accommodating the potential for wholesale prices to increase. Otherwise the rate your business is paying may be less than the wholesale price.

If you agree to a short-term contract of a year or less, you will initially benefit from competitive rates. However, it will be necessary to compare prices regularly to ensure you are always benefitting from a cheap business gas tariff.

If your business is located in an urban area, you will generally benefit from cheap business gas prices. This is because your business will have better access to the gas distribution network. This improved network will mean that the supplier will incur lower costs to supply your business.

The final factor which will impact the cost of your gas supply is how you pay your bill. The majority of suppliers will offer discounts on your bill if you commit to paying by direct debit. This is because they have a better guarantee of faster payment. In addition, an excellent credit rating may help you negotiate lower prices, as your business represents a reduced risk.

Which cheap business gas suppliers are available?

Although there are over 60 gas suppliers across the UK, it is likely you are familiar with the ‘Big Six’ suppliers. Many of these are household names as they provide roughly 80% of the gas used. With so many suppliers competing to provide cheap business gas, there are some great tariffs available. This means that now is the perfect time to switch to the tariff which provides the best value to your business.

Our panel of gas suppliers includes the ‘Big Six’; British Gas, SSE, E.ON, EDF Energy, Scottish Power and Npower. Although, we also partner with a variety of alternative suppliers which are much smaller than these dominant gas providers.

We are committed to providing you cheap business gas from suppliers which we know provide an excellent service. Our panel of suppliers offer a brilliant customer experience, a scalable service and the ability to match your unique requirements. We hand-pick our panel to ensure we are able to compare and negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

How to compare cheap business gas quotes

To ensure your business is signed up to a cheap business gas contract, the first step is to compare quotes. All we need are a few key details about your current contract and usage levels. Then we can search for and negotiate the most competitive quotes on your behalf. The whole service is completely free and once we provide you with quotes there is no obligation to switch tariffs.

When can I compare business gas quotes?

The ideal time to compare quotes is during your renewal window, between 1 and 6 months before your current contract ends. Your current supplier will provide notice when this period is approaching, alongside a renewal quote. This can be used as a basis for comparing against the quotes we negotiate on your behalf. To start the comparison process simply enter your details within our simple gas comparison form or contact our dedicated energy team.

What information is required to compare business gas prices?

We will need to know the name of your supplier and the type of tariff you are signed up to. It is also useful to know how much you pay per unit and how much gas you have used. This information can be found within your most recent gas bill or contract. Although, if you do not have this to hand a quick call to your current supplier will provide you with the details.

The details will be used to provide each supplier on our panel with an insight into your usage requirements. They will then send us their cheapest quote which you will be able to compare. If you decide to switch to their tariff, they will manage the whole process on your behalf. In addition, there is no interruption to your supply as they use the same pipe network.

A dedicated team to help you switch and save on your business gas

If your business is searching for cheap business gas, our team are always on hand to discuss the details. Whether you want to discuss your current tariff of gain advice about our panel of suppliers, we are here to help. To find out more about comparing and switching your gas supply, please contact our experienced energy team today.

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