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A guide to helping you understand and compare business electricity online

Compare business electricity and reduce your energy bills

Why should you compare business electricity? Did you know that 80% of small businesses in the UK are overpaying for their electricity supply? In fact, according to an independent study by Utilita many businesses are struggling with large deposits, high rates and prohibitive tariffs. In addition, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, 70% of business owners have found it difficult to compare energy tariffs. We make business electricity comparison simple.

Here at Business Comparison it is our mission to help businesses reduce their bills, through a simple business electricity comparison service. By making it simple to compare the market business electricity, we can help you sign up to the best possible deal.

How do business electricity contracts work?

To understand more about how you could save when switching business electricity plans, you will need to understand business electricity contracts. If you are signed up to a standard business energy contract, it will likely last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. In a similar way to domestic electricity, a contract can involve fixed or variable rates. The fixed rates refer to the price per unit, whereas variable rates will fluctuate based on the market prices.

Business electricity contract vs domestic

However, when you compare business electricity prices UK wide, it is actually quite different to domestic comparisons. This is because it is not as simple to switch part way through a business electricity contract. The suppliers of business electricity will buy the energy in bulk, so that they have the amount required to supply their customers contracts. This will make it difficult to compare business electricity providers and switch when you are part way through a contract. If you try to end the contract early, the current supplier will have unused electricity which was allocated to your business.

The best time to carry out business electricity prices comparison UK wide, is the period of time during your renewal window. In most situations this will be between 1 and 6 months before your contract is due to end. When you compare business electricity suppliers online you will be able to quickly compare the potential suppliers’ rates against your renewal quote. By carrying out your business electricity supply comparison in advance of your contract ending you will ensure a smooth switch.

Save money when you compare the market for business electricity

When it comes to electricity prices business comparison, we believe our dedicated energy team are the best. Our vast experience means we can ensure that every business is signed up to the best tariff for their requirements. As one of the leading business electricity comparison sites we have helped many businesses to compare the market and save on their business electricity. The following are examples of how businesses could save when they compare business electricity prices and switch to a new tariff.

Switching business electricity supplier

If you have a competitive fixed rate deal, it is unlikely you will benefit from these cheap rates when the contact ends. Instead, your business could be switched to a deemed contract which will usually include a price hike. Since June 2017 suppliers are no longer able to lock businesses into these automatic rollover contracts. This means that if you have previously been tied into a locked contract which was rolled over, you could now switch. By switching to a new supplier, the new contract could result in lower costs and a better deal.

Deemed business electricity contracts

One of the most expensive forms of business electricity involves deemed contracts. These tariffs are also applied to businesses when there is no supply contract in place. For example, when you move to new premises or terminate a contract but fail to switch to a new one. These are very expensive contracts and could be around 80% more expensive than the rates charges within an agreed business electricity contract.

Fixed rate business electricity

The business electricity market fluctuates on a daily basis, which means if your fixed rate price is quite high and you compare business electricity prices per kWh at the right time, you could benefit from a lower rate. Around the time that your business is due to renew its contract, you should monitor the prices of electricity. This will make it much easier to take advantage of a quick drop in prices.

If your business is in a situation which sounds similar to any of these examples, it may be possible to save thousands each year. All you need to do is carry out a quick business electricity comparison online.

How can a professional business electricity comparison service help?

We work with all the electricity suppliers which you know and trust. Including the ‘Big Six’; British Gas, EDF Energy, npower, E.ON, SSE and Scottish Power, alongside a variety of smaller energy providers. We only work with suppliers which are committed to putting the needs of your business first. Everyone on our panel will provide excellent customer service, competitive prices and a hassle-free renewal process.

By providing you with an efficient service, we make it simple for businesses of every size to compare business electricity online. As every business electricity quote will be bespoke to your requirements, it can be time-consuming to ask every provider for a quote. By asking you a series of quick questions we will be able to search the best quotes from our panel. This could save your business a vast amount of time, allowing you to focus on its important day to day running.

How does the business electricity comparison process work?

Through our website you can start the business electricity comparison process by providing us with information required to compare business electricity deals. Information should be as accurate as possible; this means we will be able to find quotes which closely match your requirements. It is possible to start the comparison process without some of these details. However, the quotations you receive may not be as precise as the final rate when you switch.

What information do I need to compare business electricity?

  • Your most recent electricity bill
  • Your business details

Firstly, you will be asked if you know your current electricity usage, or the amount you spend and your current supplier. We will then ask some more detailed questions about the type of business you run and its name. Finally, we will ask for some contact details, which will enable us to contact you directly once we have the most competitive electricity quotes.

The whole process is completely free of charge and there is no-obligation to switch suppliers based on the quotes. In addition, the information you provide will not be used to perform any form of credit check on your company. If you decide to switch suppliers based on the quote you receive, we will forward your information to the new supplier. They will then manage the switch with your current supplier. In most situations the switching process takes between two and three weeks.

Will it cost me anything?

Here at BusinessComparison we are committed to ensuring every business benefits from the best deals available. This is why our business electricity comparison website is so popular, with every type of business across the country. If you would like to compare business gas and electric, please contact our dedicated energy team today. In just a few weeks your business could be benefitting from the lowest market rates available.

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