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A guide to helping you understand and compare business gas online

How to compare business gas suppliers

One of the most important utilities which businesses require is gas, so it is important you have the best supply. Whether you rely upon gas to provide heat or hot water, a competitively priced supply is vital for every business. To help you secure the best contract, this guide will take you through the various steps involved within business gas comparison. We will also take you through the steps involved in the whole gas switching process.

How are business gas tariffs calculated?

If you are looking to compare business gas prices online, it is likely that the most important factor will be the cost. The total cost of your gas supply will depend on a variety of factors. Including; the wholesale price, the location of the business and its size, the type of tariff and even the weather.

The price of the supply is divided into two main charges, the unit rate and the standing charge. The unit rate refers to the cost of the gas per unit and is measured in pence per kWh. Whereas, the standing charge is the fee which the supplier uses to cover the cost of maintaining the gas supply. The size of the business you operate is likely to influence the cost of your gas supply tariff. For example, some businesses may operate across multiple sites, so there are providers which offer discounts for a multi-site service.

Businesses use gas in a variety of ways and always in different volumes. This means that no two businesses will ever have exactly the same requirements for their business gas supply. This can make it difficult to compare business gas prices in the same way as domestic prices. Instead, suppliers break prices down into average costs depending on the size of the business. For example, micro businesses, small businesses and medium businesses are all charged different rates. In general, the larger the business the lower the price per kWh and standing charge.

Fixed term gas supply

The actual contract is likely to offer either a fixed or variable term, as these are the most common types. A fixed term contract will mean you pay a set price per unit for your gas supply for a fixed period of time. This is usually between 1 and 3 years, although some suppliers offer 5-year fixed contracts.

What is a variable business gas tariff?

A variable rate contract will mean the price you pay per unit will fluctuate depending on the wholesale price. This can increase the risk to your business, as the prices could suddenly rise. Although, the contract will usually be shorter so there is more freedom to switch supplier. In many cases all you will need to provide is 30-days’ notice and you could move to a cheaper contract.

If you are unsure which contract your business has, you can check with your current gas supplier or a recent energy bill. Although, if you have been with the same supplier for many years, they may have moved you to a deemed rate. These are usually applied when a contract comes to an end and will normally cost much more than the standard rate.

How to compare business gas suppliers in the UK

Here at BusinessComparison we can remove the difficulty in finding and comparing business gas suppliers. Our panel of gas providers include the ‘Big Six’ energy providers, which provide the majority of the energy supply to the UK. Including; British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE. Although, we also include a selection of small and independent providers, who can provide competitive prices and brilliant customer service.

With such a vast number of business gas suppliers available across the UK, it can be time-consuming to find multiple quotes. As one of the leading business gas comparison sites, our team can negotiate competitive quotes from our panel of suppliers. To complete the business gas comparison, we require a few key details, which can be found on a recent bill. We will need to know the name of your current provider; how much gas is used and how much you currently spend on gas. By providing as many of the details required as possible, our energy team will be able to negotiate most accurate gas quotes. Don't delay, compare business energy today!

How do I switch business gas supplier?

When you compare business gas suppliers and decide to switch, the whole process is very simple. Your new supplier will manage the whole switchover process and there is no disruption, as the same pipes are used. On the changeover date, you will need to provide your previous supplier with a final meter reading, they will then produce a final bill. If you are leaving the contract before the exit date the bill you receive will include exit fees. However, if you have overpaid for your supply your business may be eligible for a refund.

How to compare business gas quotes

When you use our service, you will receive a selection of quotes, which you can compare and decide whether to switch. The main factors which you will need to consider are the type of contract, its length and the actual price. The price of the gas supply is easy to compare, but the actual terms will need some consideration. Although, if you are unsure our expert team are always on hand to offer advice.

For example, if you will use your premises for a long time, it may be beneficial to arrange a fixed-term contract. However, these terms may not be ideal if you plan on moving to a new location within the next 12 months. In this case a variable rate short-term contract is probably going to be more cost-effective.

What to consider when comparing business gas

The first step will be to decide which supplier provides the terms and price you require. Then you will need to decide which supplier will provide the ideal service for your business. If you are looking for a dedicated customer support team, an established provider will have the knowledge required to handle every issue. Although, an independent gas supplier may be able to offer a customer service agent available to provide individualised support.

There are some gas suppliers who will provide support in the form of email, live chat and phone, which increases support flexibility. In addition, If your business needs steady support during its peak hours, it may be worth checking business support hours.

Another aspect to consider in your business gas supply comparison is whether the supplier matches the values of your business. If your business is focused on sustainability and is reducing its carbon footprint, there are some suppliers which will provide green energy.

We know that there are a variety of business gas and electricity comparison sites to choose from. However, here at BusinessComparison we specialise in helping secure every type of business the best deal. Whether our customers are looking to save money on their utilities or take out a new business loan, we can help.

Compare and save money on your business gas supply today!

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