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Whether you’re a retailer distributing products or a tradesperson transporting expensive tools and materials from job to job, Goods in Transit insurance will protect these assets that are essential to your business.

A Goods in Transit insurance policy safeguards you against damage, theft, or loss when you’re on the move with your goods. This provides peace of mind for you when transporting goods or materials. It is a valuable safety net against the loss of damage to valuable tools of your trade that may be expensive to replace.

Do I need Goods in Transit insurance?

There is no legislation to insist that you possess Goods in Transit insurance cover, however if you transport products or expensive materials and tools then it’s well worth considering as it can save you paying out for items that are lost, damaged or stolen.

Businesses that typically use Goods in Transit insurance are:

  • Couriers
  • Hauliers
  • Sole traders
  • Building firms

What is covered in a Goods in Transit package?

Goods in Transit insurance can be offered as a stand-alone product or combined with courier, truck, or van insurance.

You can find out more about van insurance in our handy guide.

A typical policy will cover:

  • Theft of goods during transit
  • Loss of goods during transit
  • Damage caused due to transit
  • Damage caused by accidents during transit

Are all goods included in Goods in Transit cover?

No, some common exclusions may include:

  • Fine arts
  • Theft-attractive goods
  • Living creatures
  • Money or bullion

It is always worth checking the cover specific to your policy as it may vary depending on your insurer.

Why compare Goods in Transit insurance?

As with any insurance policy, prices and level of cover will differ so it’s always worth comparing quotes to find a policy and price that suits your business best. Remember to check with your insurer to find out which features are included as standard and which are optional.

You may be able to keep costs down by being specific about the type of items you transport and where you are travelling with them.

There are several questions to ask yourself when comparing Goods in Transit insurance:

  • Do I need overnight cover for my goods?
  • What is the typical value of goods I carry?
  • What about haulage commitments with customers overseas?

How much can I expect to be insured for per load?

As with any type of insurance this depends on the level of policy cover you decide to take.

When are goods considered to be in transit?

This is the case whilst the goods are in the policy holder’s possession (or their employees), and when they are in the vehicle or being loaded or unloaded from it.

Do you need to insure Goods in Transit?

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