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Getting from one job to the next efficiently and safely is essential in this line of work so having a vehicle that is roadworthy and insured for every eventuality is a must! Materials and tools are likely to be kept in a handyman’s van so it’s worth considering optional insurance extras for this in a policy. You are also more likely to be working at private homes so public liability insurance may be another consideration.

Why compare van insurance for a handyman?

As a handyman, it is not unusual to use your van for personal and social reasons as well as for work. However, it is still necessary to take out business van insurance as a private van insurance policy will not cover you when you are working.

As with insurance for any tradesperson you should take these questions into account:

  • Do you drive multiple vans?
  • Do you need insurance for other drivers?
  • What vehicle do you drive?
  • What is the size of your vehicle?
  • How far do you travel?
  • Do you travel abroad?
  • Do you regularly carry materials?
  • Do you carry expensive tools?
  • Where do you leave your van overnight?

The type of business van insurance and range of cover you need will vary depending on the answers to these questions.

What is covered by handyman van insurance?

This will differ depending on the level of cover you choose – whether it be third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive.

For more information on these levels of cover please see our guide ‘What do I need to know about van insurance?’.

It is always necessary to check about exactly what is covered by your handyman van insurance.

There are Optional Additional Products that are particularly useful for those who work as a handyman:

  • Tools insurance

If the tools of your trade were stolen, would it be expensive for you to replace them? Unfortunately, van thefts do occur and, if you use expensive tools, then it could be a major blow to your business and threaten your livelihood. Hand tools and power tools that are in the van are usually covered by tools insurance, and this can sometimes be extended to include additional cover for personal effects and materials.

Van breakdown cover

This will get you back on the move if your vehicle breaks down so you don’t lose valuable work time and let down customers.

Guaranteed van hire

A hire vehicle can be arranged whilst your damaged van is in for repair or until your claim has been settled. This means you can continue to carry out your work in the interim period.

Why compare hanyman van insurance?

At we understand that as an owner you’ll want cheap insurance at the right level of cover because making the wrong choice may negatively affect your business and cost you money.

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