How to keep your employees productive over the summer

posted by 4 years ago in News

Wimbledon is over but there are still plenty of reasons why workers may shy away from their desks this summer and, according to a new survey, many could be easily fixed by employers!

84 per cent of workers asked said they believe that ‘summer perks’ such as casual dress, shorter working hours and team drinks would boost their productivity in June, July and August. The research by workplace design consultants and office design specialists Peldon Rose also revealed that 34 per cent of offices don’t offer any summer perks at all.

So, if motivation is lacking in your office try these summer perks…

Casual dress

This was the most common with 35 per cent of those asked saying that they were encouraged to wear more relaxed and cooler clothing.

Better facilities

60 per cent said they’d value air conditioning but only 37 percent claimed to have it. Opportunities for fresh air, natural lighting, showers and changing facilities were all high on the wish list. Interestingly 66 per cent of workers asked said they’d work longer hours if the work facilities were improved.

A more positive environment

42 per cent of employees said that their office environment does not have a positive impact on their happiness and only 36 per cent enjoy coming to work every day. Team bonding was cited as important with 87 per cent of employees reporting that summer perks