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Benefits of our merchant cash advance comparison
  • Pay back only as you earn

    Merchant Cash Advances are repaid by a percentage of your PDQ transactions, meaning that if you have a hard period, your payments will reduce

  • Finance from £2,500 to £500,000

    As a flexible finance solution, Merchant Cash Advances offer a wide range of finance amounts for your business

  • Quick access to funds

    Our Merchant cash advance partners offer quick acceptance period –you could have the cash in your account within 24 hours!

  • Flexible repayment options

    You can negotiate with your lender as to how large a percentage of your PDQ transactions you repay – meaning that you have control of your finances.

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We need to know a few details about your business and your PDQ transactions, and the amount of finance you require

About merchant cash advances

A merchant cash advance is an unsecured finance option that is generally short term and quite flexible. It is used for cash flow management, growth, refurbishment or purchasing stock.

Loans are offered with an agreed total amount repayable. This figure is based on your business’ annual revenue to ensure repayments are manageable and you only pay as you earn. With a merchant cash advance, repayments are generally taken as a fixed percentage of revenue through PDQ terminal payments.

This type of finance suits any business that regularly use PDQ transactions, such as those in retail, ecommerce or hospitality. Repayment time is dependant greatly on the amount of revenue you earn – making APR comparison difficult.

The amount you can borrow will be based on your revenue, but generally you can borrow anything up to £100,000. Unlike most loan solutions, the repayment amount is decided upon beforehand – for instance, for a £10,000 loan could have an agreed repayment of £13,000, and the amount of time this takes to pay back will depend on your revenue.

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