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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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A guide to EON business comparison UK wide

Every business deserves an affordable energy supply, from a supplier which provides a reliable, efficient service. To help in your search for the best gas and electricity suppliers, we consider what EON business services are available.

E.ON was formally known as Powergen and is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers. They produce their own electricity and also run a variety of power plants, biomass plants and wind farms. If you are considering EON energy for your business, there are a variety of energy options available. Whether you are looking for renewable energy or flexible payment options, an EON business supply could be the answer.

Which EON business energy supplies are available?

If you are searching for a supplier using renewable energy, EON business gas and electricity tariffs could be ideal. The only tariffs offered to customers are from renewable energy supplies.

There are EON business prepayment tariffs available, which will require you to pay upfront for your energy usage. The EON business PAYG, otherwise known as the EON business Pay as You Go tariff is a convenient option. It is possible to view your account balance and top up while on the go, from your laptop or phone.

EON business compare electricity options

EON business electricity rates for SMEs are available as fixed, variable and deemed rate tariffs. For larger organisations, EON business electricity tariffs include options to fix prices for up to 5 years.

EON business compare gas options

If you use EON gas for business services, the EON business gas rates are the same as their electricity tariffs. If you are searching for the most competitive EON business gas online quote, it might not be the cheapest way to switch.

To find the best EON business gas quote, we recommend also comparing electricity tariffs. As the tariffs are based on deemed rates, for those which do not have an EON electricity for business supply.

EON for businesses of every size

EON business solutions are available to businesses of every size across the UK. The tariffs for EON business UK wide customers are designed for both SMEs and large organisations. The longest fixed term contracts and most flexible terms are offered to large EON business energy UK customers. Although, there are also a variety of competitive SME tariffs available.

EON business compare online

Whether you are unhappy with your supplier, or want to find a cheaper deal, an EON business quote is the first step. We know that searching every supplier for the best deals is time-consuming, this is why we have developed our tool. Our quick comparison tool will ask a few key details, which we use to arrange your EON business online quote.

EON business compare reviews

Instead of relying solely on EON business rates, we always advise checking supplier reviews. As one of the largest suppliers in the UK, there are a variety of honest reviews online from other businesses.

Compare EON business energy services

The requirements for each business can vary, so we recommend spending time considering whether a supplier provides the ideal services. For example, EON offer a useful mobile app which allows you to pay your bills and manage your account. This could be beneficial for businesses which like to have quick access from many locations.

EON business compare deals

Once we understand your businesses consumption habits, we will negotiate the best prices and terms with our panel. This includes EON business deals, alongside prices from other large and independent energy providers. Although, the EON for business quote may be competitive, there are many other suppliers to consider.

The EON business prices are split between two main charges, the standing charge and the unit rate. When you compare EON business energy prices, you should compare the individual charges which make up the total price.

EON business compare tariffs

When you begin to compare EON business tariffs, the first step is to review how much energy your business will typically use. If your businesses uses 3200kWh of electricity and 13500kWH of gas per year, you will be considered a medium-sized customer. In these circumstances, as an EON business new customer, you could expect access to average tariff prices.

However, an EON large business customer might benefit from cheaper rates, based on their larger energy consumption. The best rates are generally offered to EON business new connections with the largest energy consumption. This is because suppliers are able to purchase large quantities of your energy in advance. 

A competitive wholesale price means it can be allocated to your business at the lowest available prices.
If your business is classed as an SME, you will have access to fixed contracts and EON business variable rates. With fixed contracts you will be able to pay monthly or quarterly, with payments by direct debit offered a discount. If you decide to exit the contract you will need to provide a 60-day notice period.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more flexible option, the EON energy business variable rates may be better suited. A variable contract is shorter and will feature rates which change, depending on the wholesale price. 

This means that if rates rise dramatically, you may benefit from EON business renewals for a cheaper tariff.
For larger businesses, there are wholesale prices available allowing you to fix prices for up to 5 years. You will also benefit from a range of flexible energy purchasing options. This includes the ability to purchase your supply when market conditions offer the lowest prices.

If you have never arranged an energy supply, your EON business landlord supply is probably being consumed. Although a supply is available at your premises, you will be paying EON business gas deemed rates and electricity rates. These EON business deemed rates are the most expensive way to pay for energy.

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If you have found a competitive EON business energy quote, our team are here to help you switch. To find out more about EON and the tariffs available, please enter your details into our simple energy tool. We can help you switch business energy suppliers with ease.

Switch to EON business energy

Are you ready to switch to EON business energy? An EON new business switch will take roughly 4-6 weeks, although EON advise on average it will be 17 days. E.ON will manage the whole process, and you will be able to monitor the progress in your online account. To complete the switch, you will need to pay any outstanding bills with your previous energy supplier.

Once you provide your initial meter reading, this could be the last time you need to supply a reading. EON business energy are current installing their EON business smart meters in their customers businesses. All you need to do is complete an application form and they will confirm whether your business is eligible.

Once installed, your EON businesses meter readings will be sent automatically, and your EON business energy account will be updated. This means that you benefit from accurate bills and will be able to monitor real-time energy usage.

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