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Small business bank accounts

Small business bank accounts

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  • Longest fee free period
  • Overdraft facility
  • Accounts for poor credit
  • A mobile application
  • Low fees to pay in cash
  • Accounts which pay interest
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Santander - Start-up Business Current Account
Santander logo
18 months
£7.50 monthly
Switcher Startup
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CashPlus - Business Current Account
CashPlus logo
0 months
£69 Annually
Switcher Startup
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Santander - Business Current Account
Santander logo
0 months
£7.50 monthly
Switcher Startup
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exclusive Acorn - Business Account
Acorn logo
6 months
£12.50 Application Fee
Switcher Startup
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Fair Everywhere - Business Account
Fair Everywhere logo
0 months
£50 monthly
Switcher Startup
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Countingup - Startup Account
Countingup logo
0 months
£2.95 monthly
Switcher Startup
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CardOneBanking - Business Account
CardOneBanking logo
0 months
£12.50 Minimum Fee
Switcher Startup
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Finding the right bank account for a small business can make a real difference

  • We’re here to help small businesses save money
  • We support small businesses by negotiating the best deals
  • We help people compare with ease

For a start-up, many banks will offer an introductory free banking period which means that you won’t face monthly charges for using the account! However, other fees may apply.

What’s important?

  • Additional fees for paying with cash
  • Is your branch local enough for you to get to?
  • Many banks will offer support to start-ups whether that is a mentor or someone to help with software
  • All fees must be checked in case they are relevant to your business
  • It’s not always the safest option to go with your current bank unless you have done the above and it fits into your businesses criteria!

If you are stuck when it comes to choosing the right business bank account, then speak to other business owners and learn about their experiences with branches in the area. Remember once you have the account, make sure you are reviewing it on an annual basis. Businesses are covered by the 7-day switcher guarantee.

It’s a fact that people are more likely to divorce their other half than switch their business bank account. If you are worried about switching, then you shouldn’t be as all business accounts are covered by a 7-day switcher guarantee. (Just make sure your bank is registered with this scheme!).

What’s important?

  • Don’t just look at the free period, work out how much it will it cost after the fee free period
  • Ensure you know all fees relevant to your business to avoid surprises!
  • Switching can be done within 7 days
  • Make sure that those you bill are aware

If you are savvy enough to use online banking regularly then you may want to ask other business owners what their thoughts are on the application. Standards of online banking vary and no one wants to go backwards when they are trying to move forward.

If you are having trouble setting up a business bank account or switching from your current one, then there are still options available where you can avoid credit checks.

What they offer:

  • Debit cards
  • Online banking
  • The ability to pay into post offices or other establishments
  • Potential improvement on your credit rating
  • Quick setup and going to the branch is not required

Fees on the account can be paid monthly or annually. The account is simple and easy to use and it can also be cheaper than a standard business bank account!


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What makes us different Business Comparison is here to help business owners no matter how big or small.

We found that as business owners ourselves, finding the best option is not easy to do online. We felt we could do better and provide a service to all small-to-medium sized businesses.

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Every business must have a business bank account – whether you are a contractor or a business with thousands of employees it is essential to have one.

Across the market there are countless business account options, which all have different account features (based on the needs of your business)

The features will usually include; overdraft options, online banking, free business banking and interest on in credit balances.

Just like personal bank accounts, it is crucial to look around to find the bank account which is the best fit for you and your business. There are many accounts which are designed for small enterprises, which could possibly be a better option for your business.

Accounts which are aimed at small firms will usually offer lower fees and sometimes a free banking period

Various accounts will charge a sum based on the amount of money that is transferred weekly, and some may have a standard flat fee. It is recommended that if your business is reasonably small, it might be worth choosing an account that has a range of fees rather than the standard fees – which could be higher!

Control your account online

Many business bank accounts include the option to manage your account and payments online, giving you greater control of your finances

Overdrafts available

If a business overdraft is important to you, a lot of bank account providers include the option to add an overdraft

Expert support

Many banks offer support including mentors and guides to help start-up businesses

You could have your new account within 7 days

All bank account providers now have to offer a switching guarantee, meaning your new account must be ready within 7 days of your chosen date

We compare the market for you to find exclusive deals.

Whether you want to switch or set up a business bank account we’re here for you.

Interested in a small business business bank account?

Why not try out our bank account finder? This is a free, no-obligation tool that will help you find the most suitable account for your business.