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A guide to charity insurance

Charity insurance is available to protect small charities, community groups and other non-profit organisations. Whether you are searching for small charity policies or large charity cover, this guide will provide the information you require.

What types of insurance are available?

There are many risks which your charity faces, which could potentially lead to a claim. For example, one of your volunteers could be injured or a member of the public could have their property damaged. Although you can try to minimise risks, it is impossible to eliminate the chances of an incident occurring.

There are many forms of charity liability insurance available, although some are more common than others. Your exact insurance will depend on the unique requirements of your charity. Some popular forms of insurance include:

Charity public liability insurance

This type of policy will protect you against claims related to your customers and members of the public. If they become ill, injured or suffer property damage your charity could be held liable.

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance will cover the cost of any potential claims resulting from poor advice or service provided by the charity.

Business contents insurance

This is an ideal option for charity shop insurance, as it will cover the cost of replacement of items in the store if they are damaged, stolen or lost.

Employee liability insurance

If your charity employs staff or volunteers, this will protect you against claims relating to their illness or injuries.

Charity event insurance

Designed to protect against the various risks associated with running an event.

Charity trustee indemnity insurance

This will protect the charity as a whole and the trustee, against claims resulting from a wrongful act.

There are many situations where insurance policies are combined to provide comprehensive charity insurance cover. For example, charity event insurance can be combined with public liability insurance specifically for charity events.

How much cover do I need for my charity?

The exact level of cover you require will depend on the size of your charity and the sector you operate in. There are also other factors to consider, such as risks associated with a high-level board of trustees. There are some legal requirements of your cover, which you will need to ensure you adhere to. For example, if you are required to hold employer’s liability insurance, you need at least £5 million worth of cover.

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How do I find the best charity cover?

As insurance brokers, we can provide your charity with access to the best deals from a range of leading insurers. Every charity is different, so whether you operate a cancer charity or a homelessness charity, we will help you find the best business insurance. We know that it is important to help you find the insurance you need quickly and easily.

By entering your charity’s details into our simple form, our team will have an understanding of the type of insurance you require. If your insurance needs a more bespoke quote, please contact our team. We will do our best to arrange competitively priced insurance which meets your exact requirements.

Once we understand exactly what you are looking for, we will negotiate the cheapest deals from our panel of leading insurers. You will then be able to compare the available policies and quote prices, to find the best deal for you. When you find the ideal business insurance, we'll help guide you through obtaining your insurance policy.

To discuss your insurance requirements in more detail, please contact our team today.

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