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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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A useful guide to compare EDF business energy

EDF Energy is one of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers of energy here in the UK. This means that EDF business plans are a popular option for many. The EDF business UK tariffs are available to both small and large organisations, with a variety of tariff options. This guide will provide you with an insight into the service you could expect from EDF business energy UK wide.

EDF business compare for business

EDF is a subsidiary of EDF group, a French state-owned supplier, which is one of the largest suppliers in Europe. The company supplies two thirds of its electricity supply from their nuclear power stations. Although, they do state they plan to increase the sustainability of their supply, while still offering competitive EDF business rates.

The range of EDF business prices and tariffs, could mean your business benefits from EDF business gas and electricity options. Whether you run an SME or a large business, you will be eligible for an EDF business quote.

EDF business compare electricity options

If you are looking for EDF business rates for electricity, there are some competitive options available. The actual price of EDF business electricity tariffs will depend on details bespoke to your business. For example, your businesses location and how much electricity you will consume.

There are a variety of fixed and variable rate options for SMEs. Although, large businesses benefit from the most flexible contracts. For example, large businesses could arrange the Blue for Business tariff. This tariff provides low carbon electricity, without an additional premium.

EDF business compare gas options

In a similar way to the electricity tariffs, there are a variety of EDF business gas options available. Depending on your business’s location, it will be possible to arrange competitive EDF business gas prices. There are fixed and variable rate contracts for SMEs, with options to fix rates for up to 3 years. At present, EDF does not provide gas to large businesses.

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EDF business compare deals with our quick and simple tool

If you are searching for convenient EDF business comparison UK wide, we can help. As a broker we have partnered with the ‘Big Six’ suppliers, alongside hand-picked independent suppliers. Our comparison tool is designed to quickly capture your details, so that we can negotiate the deals. This will include the best EDF business energy rates and also tariffs from other suppliers.

So that we can find the ideal EDF business solutions for you, we will require a few key details. This can be found on your electricity or gas bills and include, how much energy you use and your rate. Once we understand your consumption habits, we will quickly negotiate the best tariffs for you. Our aim is to find you affordable energy rates, reliable suppliers and excellent customer service levels.

EDF business compare quotes and switch

Once we have negotiated a variety of contract options, you will be sent the list to compare. The first thing you are likely to compare is the price of the EDF business energy quote. You should compare the unit price per kWh and the standing charge, as they will vary between tariffs and suppliers. However, it is also important to consider other aspects which are important to your individual business.

EDF business compare reviews

It is important to read EDF business energy reviews, as it will help decide whether they will meet your expectations. There are many EDF business reviews available on their website, although forums are also a great place to read reviews.

Consider the contract terms and conditions

Depending on the tariff you choose, there may be charges related to contract changes such as:

  1. EDF business moving out of current premises

  2. EDF business new connections

  3. EDF business renewals of contracts

How will you manage your account?

If your business would like online account management and UK based call centres, these are factors which you should consider. Whichever tariff you sign up to with EDF, your business will have access to an online account and convenient app. If you do need to contact customer services, your business will be assigned a dedicated UK business advisor.

Do they provide energy efficiency advice?

EDF business energy is aiming to help businesses use energy more sustainably. As part of their business aims, they are currently rolling out smart meters to business customers. If you are not automatically sent a meter, it is possible to make an appointment online for a quick installation. They will also help you to manage your energy usage more effectively, through energy profiling and monitoring.

Switch to EDF business energy

If you decide that EDF business energy will provide the service you require at a competitive rate, it is time to switch. When we negotiate quotes on your behalf it is completely free of charge. This means that once we pass your details across there is no bill for you to pay. The EDF business energy team will arrange the switch of your energy and there is no disruption to your supply.

All you need to do is provide an EDF business meter reading, which will be used to calculate your bill. You will need to pay your old supplier for any energy used up until the switchover date. In many situations the complete switch will take just 4-6 weeks.

EDF business compare tariffs

EDF business tariffs are divided into options for SMEs and larger businesses. Although, the main EDF business supply tariffs are based around the traditional fixed and variable rate options.

If your business is an SME, you will be able to choose between the New Start and Fixed for business tariffs. Although, the New Start tariff is only available for electricity supplies. Both options feature fixed rates for the contract length and automatic renewal onto their Easy Fix tariff. If you are looking for a short contract, the New Start tariff features lengths of 6-9 months.

For SMEs, EDF business variable rates will fluctuate depending on the wholesale energy price. There is no fixed end date, which means your business is free to switch to a new tariff, without providing notice.

If your business spends more than £30,000 on energy per annum, you are likely to be considered a large business. This means you will have access to a variety of fixed and variable contracts.

An option is the Fixed + Reflective tariff, which uses an EDF business smart meter to provide half-hourly usage updates.

As with all suppliers, the EDF business deemed rates are the most expensive way to pay for energy. Currently SMEs will pay 18.06 pence per kWh for electricity and 5.9 pence per kWh for gas, for out of contract usage. EDF large business deemed rates will also be expensive, so it is worth negotiating a contract.

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Our EDF business online comparison process is quick and simple. Whether you are an EDF large business user or an SME, our tool will help you access competitive quotes and compare energy suppliers. If you would like to find out more about EDF business energy, please contact our dedicated energy team.

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