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We're here to support you and your property portfolios
We're here to support you and your property portfolios
We've already helped finance thousands of developments across the uk
We've already helped finance thousands of developments across the uk
We're passionate about helping businesses get access to exclusive deals and the finance they need
We're passionate about helping businesses get access to exclusive deals and the finance they need
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Development finance explained

Development finance is a solution where funds are required to undertake or complete a development or refurbishment of residential/commercial properties of any scale.

Specialist lenders are keen to lend to experienced builders and developers on residential schemes. We have recently been successful in securing finance for new apartment schemes which was very difficult a few years ago. There are many excellent products available for refurbishment and renovation projects also.

Whether you are starting a new property development or need business financing for the completion of a refurbishment, development finance is a solution that can help your business.

For small and medium businesses, development finance offers a solution that takes the future value of the property into consideration.

Development funding can be an ideal solution for properties of any scale and can be used to raise the capital required for a property development or refurbishment project quickly and easily.

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Benefits of our development finance comparison

Up to 85% gross development value

Up to 85% gross development value

We can offer finance covering up to 85% of your development cost
Quick access to funds

Quick access to funds

Many development finance lenders can offer decisions within 48 hours
Finance from £25,000 to £30,000,000

Finance from £25,000 to £30,000,000

You can borrow large sums of money for your development, which will also depend on the amount of deposit you have available
Short term, flexible finance option

Short term, flexible finance option

The term of the finance is usually tied to the development timescale, meaning that you are not tied into repayments for long periods of time
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How does property development finance work?

Property development, whether it's the building of a new property or the refurbishment of an existing property, has its own particular set of costs. Finding financing to cover these costs can be a challenge. With development finance, the lender considers the value of the project, not just the value of the existing property or land.

The terms of a development loan are also based on the short term need for the funding. While repayment of a traditional property mortgage may be spread over 30 years, a development loan will be repayable within one or two years. This is a reflection of the time frame for a development project.

The finance offers you the capital needed for the development itself. This often includes costs for materials and contractors. As such, a typical development financing loan can be for millions of pounds, but you can get access to development funds starting at £25,000.

Different lenders will have a preferred investment level, as well as preferred project types so speaking to a broker can help you find the best lender for your development project.

The type and size of project, along with the experience of those involved and the likelihood that the project will be successfully completed, and the units sold, will all be considered in a lender's decision about the terms of the loan.

While a traditional mortgage lender will consider the value of the property, development finance lenders will consider the potential value of the completed project. Funding can often be released quickly, allowing you to begin the development or refurbishment project right away.

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Advantages of development finance

Quick access to funds with many lenders being able to offer a decision within 48 hours
Offers a way to raise capital for large property development or refurbishment projects
Loans can be used to cover the costs of contractors and materials required for the project
Experience in property development can help you get better terms
Short terms of loans reflect the length of the development project, meaning you won't be tied down with a loan for longer than you need
A full documentation pack, including planning permission, comparable sales, and target market information, can be used by lenders to determine your eligibility
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