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Who Supplies My Business Gas and Electricity?

Last updated December 2023

If you’re hunting for a better deal on your business electricity or gas, your first step is to identify your current energy supplier. Not sure where to begin? Here's a detailed guide to help you unravel the mystery and potentially save on your energy costs.

Who is My Business Energy Supplier?

There are several ways to determine who supplies your business energy, depending on how long you have occupied the property and whether you are looking to find your electricity or gas supplier.

How to Find Your Energy Supplier

For New Occupants

If you've recently moved into a new business premises, the quickest way to identify your energy supplier is by reaching out to the previous occupier or the landlord. In some cases, you might receive a letter with the relevant details shortly after moving in. This initial contact can set you on the right path to understanding your current energy situation.

For Long-term Occupants

If you've been in your current location for a while and need clarification on your energy supplier, contacting local distribution companies is the right way to go. To identify your business gas supplier, find your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), a unique code assigned to your property.

Woman sipping a cup of hot chocolateOnce you have the MPRN, you can call the Meter Number Helpline on 08706081524 or use the Find My Supplier service, providing your postcode and other details.

To determine your electricity supplier, contact your regional electricity distributor. Each region of the UK has a dedicated contact number:

  • North East England & Yorkshire: 0800 01113332

  • North West England: 0800 1954141

  • Eastern England, South East England, and London: 0800 0294285

  • Central Southern England: 0345 0262554

  • South Wales & South West England: 0800 0963080

  • North Wales, North Shropshire, Cheshire & Merseyside: 0330 1010300

  • East & West Midlands: 0800 0963080

  • South & Central Scotland: 0300 1010300

  • North Scotland: 0345 0262554

How to Find Which Energy Plan You Are Signed Up To

Once you've identified your energy supplier, the next step is to find out the specific plan you are currently signed up for. You can obtain this information by contacting your gas and electricity suppliers directly or checking your bills, where you'll find an outline of your tariff details.

You may have enrolled your business in a default - and potentially more expensive - tariff. By providing your usage details and switching to a more suitable plan, you might be able to make significant savings.

Understanding Your Energy Bill

In addition to understanding your gas and electricity tariff, understanding your energy bills is crucial for effective cost management. Here's a breakdown of the key components.

Unit Costs

Unit costs represent the price you pay for each unit of energy consumed, typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) for electricity and in cubic metres for gas. Understanding these costs helps you assess the impact of energy usage on your overall expenses.

Standing Charges

Standing charges are daily or monthly fees that cover the costs associated with providing your energy, regardless of the amount consumed. While it's a fixed expense, evaluating standing charges is important in comparing overall costs with different suppliers.

Additional Fees

Be aware of any additional fees or charges on your bill, such as environmental taxes or network charges. Identifying these ‘hidden’ fees allows you to predict the total cost of your energy consumption more accurately.

When Should I Review My Energy Plan?

Regularly reassessing your business energy tariff is crucial in optimising costs and ensuring it aligns with your changing needs. Your energy requirements may fluctuate if your business is expanding, downsizing, or undergoing operational changes.

Energy markets are dynamic, with prices subject to change. Regular reviews allow you to take advantage of market fluctuations and secure the most competitive rates. They usually come with fixed terms, so make sure to explore better options and avoid automatic renewals at potentially higher rates.

Advances in energy-efficient technologies may present opportunities for cost savings, so regular reviews could enable you to integrate new solutions into your operations for increased efficiency.

Does Switching Suppliers Interrupt My Energy Supply?

No, the process of switching energy suppliers is designed to be seamless, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply for your business premises.

If you decide to make a switch, your new supplier will handle the entire process, guaranteeing no interruption to your energy supply. The only requirement is to provide your old supplier with a final meter reading, which they will use to calculate your last bill.

With a smooth switchover complete, you’re then free to enjoy the cost savings and benefits offered by your new energy supplier!

Why Have I Had a Sudden Increase in Energy Costs?

Seeing a sudden spike in your energy bills can be very concerning, but taking proactive steps can help identify the root cause and address the issue quickly.

Review your historical energy usage patterns. Changes in operations, equipment or employee behaviour could contribute to high consumption levels. Faulty equipment or outdated systems can also impact energy efficiency, so regularly checking your tech is important.

Scrutinise your energy bills for any discrepancies or unexpected fees. Billing errors happen more often than you might realise. If issues persist and the cause remains unclear, reach out to your energy supplier and ask the question.

You can regain control over your expenses by systematically investigating and addressing the root cause of increased energy costs.

How to Compare and Switch Energy Suppliers

While your current supplier might offer competitive energy prices, there are alternative providers who want your business. That's where BusinessComparison comes in. We can compare electricity and gas tariffs from a wide range of suppliers for you, giving you access to the best deals available from our partners.

Let us Help Your Business

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