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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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Opus Energy is based in Northampton and was founded in 2002. By 2015 Opus business solutions had become one of the top six business energy suppliers in the UK. Opus business UK services include both gas and electricity tariffs, for every type of business.

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Opus business energy smart meters

Opus business energy smart meters

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs, an Opus business smart meter will help. The meters are being provided free of charge until 2020 and will result in accurate bills and improved efficiency.

Opus business energy efficiency

Opus business energy efficiency

The Opus business supply team are also committed to helping you improve efficiency. There are a variety of guides available on their website, in addition to an experienced team which will offer advice. Useful tips include remembering to switch the lights off or reducing the temperature to increase energy savings.

Renewable energy options

Renewable energy options

Opus business energy offer renewable supplies, produced from more than 2000 independent generators. As part of their commitment to flexibility, it is possible to choose where your energy supply comes from. The options include 100% renewable energy, part renewable and a standard supply, which may be renewable.

Opus business energy for landlords

Opus business energy for landlords

Opus business landlord tariffs could provide significant savings, when compared to some suppliers. They offer a zero standing charge option for 12-month gas and electricity contracts. As landlords often have to pay standing charges for vacant properties, this could mount up to a large amount.

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Opus business gas and electricity

These tariffs are designed to be transparent and are tailored to your specific business. The Opus business tariffs aim to provide a reliable source of energy, with a strong commitment to reducing climate change.

There are a variety of Opus large business and small business options, designed to suit businesses in every industry. If you are looking to become an Opus new business customer, we can help you compare Opus business energy UK.

Opus business compare gas

In a similar way to electricity tariffs, there are a variety of Opus gas for business options. If you are an SME looking for an Opus business gas quote, they also provide beneficial services alongside competitive prices. This includes Opus business gas online accounts, 1 to 4-year contracts and online billing. Although, there are no Opus business prepayment tariffs available.

For larger businesses, your Opus business gas rates will be fixed with no volume tolerance. There are a variety of options available for corporate customers, which Opus business energy can advise upon.

Opus business compare electricity

Opus for business tariffs are designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of your business. This means it is possible to arrange Opus business electricity tariffs of 1 to 4 years. The Opus business online access will enable you to have complete control over your account 24/7. If you do require assistance, there is a UK based Opus electricity for business customer service team available to help.

If you are a large business, you will benefit from either fixed or flexible Opus business electricity rates. If you opt for a fixed tariff, your Opus business electricity prices per kWh will remain the same for the duration of the contract. In contrast, an Opus Energy business variable rates contract will fluctuate depending on the wholesale prices. If prices fall, your business will benefit from reduced Opus business variable rates.

If you are looking for Opus business pay as you go, or Opus business payg, there are no tariffs available. Although, the online billing and account management will make it quick and easy to monitor and manage your account.

Opus business deemed rates

If you are an Opus business new customer, you may be paying expensive Opus business deemed rates. When you move into new premises it is important you arrange Opus business new connections. Otherwise, you will be using an out of contract supply, which will be more expensive than a standard energy contract.

For example, Opus business gas deemed rates are split into 4 bands depending on how much your business consumes. If your business falls into band 4, it could see you paying £3.00 per day for just the standing charge.

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Opus business compare quotes

To find the cheapest price for your energy, you need to compare quotes from a variety of suppliers. It can take a long time to obtain a range of quotes, so we can do the hard work for you. Our comparison team will negotiate quotes from our entire panel, including an Opus business energy quote.

All we need are a few details about your energy consumption, which you will find on your energy bills. Simply complete our form with details such as your tariffs name, how much energy you consume and your contract end date. Our experienced energy team will contact our panel of trusted energy suppliers, so you have a range of competitive options.

You can then compare your Opus business quote against the other energy suppliers we have partnered with. These include the ‘Big Six’ suppliers and a hand-picked selection of small, independent energy providers. We only partner with suppliers which offer competitive prices, excellent service and benefits to your business. By ensuring we negotiate prices from a variety of suppliers, we guarantee to provide you with excellent prices. Whether you choose Opus business energy or another of our suppliers, you will benefit from the best deal available.

Opus business compare reviews

To decide whether Opus Energy for your business is the right choice, it can help to read honest customer reviews. Rather than base your decision solely on Opus business prices, reviews will provide an insight into the services offered. There are a variety of reviews available online which will shed both a positive and negative light on their services.

Switch to Opus business energy

The Opus business rates offered will be based on several factors, such as your location, size and the industry you operate in. The various suppliers will offer a variety of tariff options, with various lengths, benefits and prices. To ensure you benefit from the tariff most suitable to your business, you should compare the various deals offered.

The ideal time to compare deals is during your switching window, as you have a renewal offer from your supplier. This can be used to compare against the deals we negotiate on your behalf. If you switch to Opus, you will be able to compare and potentially switch during your Opus business renewals window. This will ensure your business always benefits from the best Opus business energy deals.

The process of switching supplier is very simple and will take just 4-6 weeks. We will send your details off to Opus, who will then take over the management of the switch. They will notify your current energy provider that you are switching, and you will be sent a changeover date. On this date you will be asked to send an Opus business meter reading. This will be used to decide your final bill, which will close your account.

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To find out more about how we can negotiate the best Opus business deals, please contact our experienced energy team today. Alternatively, to compare the best suppliers enter your details into our quick comparison tool.

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