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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year

On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year

Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

Our energy customers save an average of 40%

Our energy customers save an average of 40%

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Fair pricing guarantee

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A useful business energy suppliers list

With an extensive business energy suppliers list, it can seem difficult to compare business energy suppliers UK wide. When business users look for the best business energy providers, it is tempting to stick to the ‘Big Six’ suppliers. By offering national coverage and multiple tariffs, these large business energy companies offer competitive deals. However, the business energy suppliers list is continuing to grow and there are many business energy companies available.

This guide will take you through some of the best business energy suppliers. When it comes to your business energy supplier’s comparison, you will be able to compare the most competitive suppliers. We will provide you with an insight into the business energy suppliers in UK and business energy suppliers Scotland. Although, we will also provide a business energy suppliers list of other providers which are worth considering.

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1. British Gas business energy

Are you considering one of the British Gas energy deals or another of their popular tariffs? Whichever option you choose, this supplier offer a variety of benefits. As the largest of the business energy providers UK wide, they supply competitive electricity and gas to 1 million businesses. The British Gas brand is part of the Direct Energy Business, one of the largest energy providers in North America.

Full Details: British Gas Business Energy

2. EDF business energy tariffs

EDF energy offer bespoke gas and electricity tariffs for both small and large businesses. It is also possible to fix prices for up to 4 years, to improve predictability of energy bills. There is also the additional benefit of a UK based customer service team.

Full Details: EDF Business Energy

3. EON business energy supply

E.ON are another of the large UK suppliers, with 500,000 business customers. They also offer fixed price plans and their team will even provide free energy efficiency advice.

Full Details: Eon Business Energy

4. Npower business energy tariffs

Npower are a popular choice for many businesses, thanks to their tailored tariffs for both micro-businesses and large multi-site organisations. They are known for providing flexible contracts, with no automatic rollovers.

Full Details: Npower Business Energy

5. Scottish Power business energy supply

As another competitively priced supplier, their business customers benefit from access to their YourEnergy App and energy efficiency advice. They also offer flexible payment options, which even include payment by cash.

6. SSE business energy supply

If you are a large business, you could benefit from their flexible energy contracts. They also offer a variety of competitive deals for those looking for renewable energy tariffs.

Full Details: SSE Business Energy

7. Bristol Energy business supply

Bristol Energy began supplying businesses across the UK in 2016, although they are owned by Bristol City Council. They supply 100% green electricity and are committed to providing a fair and transparent service.

Full Details: Bristol Energy Business

8. CNG business energy

CNG (Contract Natural Gas Limited) exclusively provides gas to business customers. They are known for their hands-on approach and innovative offers, particularly for smaller businesses.

Full Details: CNG Business Energy

9. Corona Energy business supply

Corona Energy are the largest supplier of business gas in the UK. They have an in-depth industry knowledge, which they use to provide competitive prices and benefits to customers.

Full Details: Corona Energy Business

10. Crown Energy business tariffs

Crown Energy provide gas, electricity and water supplies to businesses. By providing multi utility services, they offer flexible supplies. This includes temporary supplies for builders, contractors and developers.

Full Details: Crown Energy Business

11. Dual Energy business supply

Dual Energy aim to offer competitive prices to small and medium sized businesses. Their most popular tariffs include the SmartTracker and SmartFIX tariffs, which fix prices for up to 3 years.

Full Details: Dual Energy Business

12. Engie energy business tariffs

Engie was started in France in the 1800’s, however today the company supplies energy to countries as far as China and Australia. They aim to provide renewable energy to all customers and are committed to improving energy efficiency.

Full Details: Engie Energy Business

13. Haven Power business energy

Haven Power only supply electricity to SMEs, with a service designed to be more personal than the larger suppliers. There are optional smart meters available and they also provide green electricity tariffs.

Full Details: Haven Power Business Energy

14. Gazprom energy business

Gazprom specialise in providing gas and electricity to businesses across the UK. For small and medium sized businesses there are a variety of fixed tariffs available, with flexible options available to large corporations.

Full Details: Gazprom Energy Business

15. Opus business energy

Opus Energy is a rapidly growing supplier, which aims to offer businesses a reliable, simple service. They offer 100% renewable electricity, with fixed and flexible tariffs available for larger businesses.

Full Details: Opus Business Energy

16. Orsted energy business

Orsted is one of the leading renewable energy suppliers, with sustainability the focus of their business. The company aims to use 100% renewable energy by 2023, while continuing to provide competitive tariffs.

Full Details: Orsted Energy Business

17. Total business energy

Total Gas & Power is another business energy supplier which offers both electricity and gas. Their tariffs include competitive options for SMEs, large businesses and public sector organisations.

Full Details: Total Business Energy

18. Utilita business energy

Utilita is best known for supplying businesses with energy via prepayment meters. This makes them ideal for those with a poor credit history. Although, unlike standard meters they offer smart energy meters which provide customers with detailed information.

Full Details: Utilita Business Energy

19. YGP business energy

Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP) is an independent energy supplier covering Wales, Scotland and England. They aim to provide low prices and continued investment in customer service. Their tariffs include both flexible, fixed and pass through products, with monthly payment plans available.

Full Details: YGP Business Energy

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Other business energy suppliers include:

  • Affect Energy

  • Avantigas

  • BES Utilities

  • Better Energy

  • Bulb

  • Clear Business Energy

  • D Energi

  • Daligas

  • Ecotricity

  • Energia IE

  • Energy Assets Utilities (Formerly Future Energy Group)

  • Flogas

  • F&S Energy

  • GB Energy Supply

  • Gnergy

  • Good Energy

  • Green Energy

  • Hudson Energy

  • Ineos (Formerly Dong Energy)

  • MA Energy

  • Octopus Energy

  • PFP Energy

  • Power NI

  • Regent Gas

  • Robin Hood Energy

  • Shell Energy (Formerly First Utility)

  • Simple Gas

  • Smartest Energy

  • Solarplicity (Formerly Loco Energy)

  • United Gas Power (UGP)

  • Utility Warehouse

  • Vattenfall

  • Naturgy IE (Formerly Vayu Energy)

  • Xcel Energy

  • YU Energy

  • Zog Energy

How to find the best business energy company

Here at BusinessComparison, we can help you compare business energy businesses across the UK. We are one of the leading business energy broker companies and can help you compare prices from suppliers UK wide.

Through our comparison tool, we can capture information which will be used to gain an insight into your energy requirements. This includes details such as, the name of your current supplier, your businesses location and how much energy you use.

To compare business energy providers today, simply enter your details into our comparison tool. We will then negotiate with our panel of the best business energy companies. You will quickly be provided with a competitive business energy suppliers list. Simple compare business energy suppliers prices, tariffs and terms and decide whether to switch.

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