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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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A guide to Npower business energy

Across the UK over 4.8 million businesses are signed up to energy contracts with Npower business solutions. The provider is owned by a European Energy supplier called Innogy group and was founded in 2000.

As Npower business brokers, we can help you negotiate the best deals from Npower and other providers on our panel. We have partnered with the ‘Big Six’ and a hand-picked selection of independents, so that you find the best deals. This useful guide will provide you with an overview of Npower business energy and how to find the best prices.

Npower business compare tariffs

Npower for business tariffs are separated depending on the size of the business they supply. This means there are separate Npower large business and small business tariff options.

Small Npower business UK tariffs

If your business spends less than £30,000 on energy each year, you will be classed as a small business. For small business there are a variety of tariffs to choose from, including Npower business flexible rates and fixed tariffs.

If you are looking to fix your nPower business unit rates, there are various contract lengths to choose from. These are available up to a maximum of 4 years. By arranging one of the competitive Npower business tariffs, you will benefit from no unexpected increases to your bills.

If you would prefer Npower business variable rates, there are a range of plans available. With the Npower flexible business energy plans there are no deposits or credit checks and you can switch suppliers easily. This means if prices do rise unexpectedly, you could switch to a new contract by providing 30 days written notice.

Medium and large Npower business energy tariffs

If your business spends more than £30,000 each year on energy, you will be classed as either a medium or large business. There are three possible fixed tariffs, which are aimed at both electricity and gas supplies. These tariffs can be fixed for between 1 and 5 years and Npower state that there are no hidden fees.

If your business prefers the freedom of flexible contracts, there are a range of flexible tariff options. These are ideal for businesses where consumption varies, or for those which are looking to benefit from potential price reductions.

As with all suppliers, Npower business moving premises tariffs will be more expensive than standard rates. If you move into premises and consume energy without arranging a contract, you will be charged Npower business deemed rates.

If your contract ends and you fail to agree a new tariff, you will be automatically moved to deemed rates. For example, if your old fixed rate tariff has finished but you continue to use the gas supply. In this situation you will be charged Npower business gas deemed rates.

On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year

On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year

Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

Our energy customers save an average of 40%

Our energy customers save an average of 40%

Fair pricing guarantee

Fair pricing guarantee

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Npower business compare deals

Although there are a variety of Npower business energy tariffs available, there are some similarities. Whether you sign up to Npower business electricity, Npower business gas, or both services, there are a variety of offers. For example, Npower provide a variety of convenient ways to pay, including cash, cheque and direct debit. Although, direct debit payment is the cheapest option as your business will save 5% on its bills. If your business produces renewable energy, there are a variety of integrated Npower new business offers available.

The supplier is investing heavily in its Npower business renewable energy offering, so your business could benefit. It is possible to sell your surplus energy to them, which could generate an extra income and lower your bills. If you would like to reduce your Npower business quote further, your business could benefit from the M3 Audit program. The Npower business online program enables you to complete audit of your energy usage. 

They will then provide tips to help you reduce your consumption and the whole service is completely free of charge. In fact, Npower business energy claim that you could reduce your bills by up to 20%.
If your business likes the idea of being able to monitor energy usage, you may benefit from a smart meter. They can be installed for free and will provide accurate readings to help you reduce energy usage in real time. The meter can be used together with the Npower app which will provide further usage information and services.

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Npower business compare online quotes

Do you want to compare Npower business services? If the Npower business benefits fit the requirements of your business, we can help you find the best deals. Whether you are looking for an Npower business gas quote or electricity rates, you can use our comparison tool.

Our team will then negotiate the best deals for you from our panel, including those available from Npower business sales. For example, if you’re looking for an Npower business gas quote, we will negotiate the best Npower business gas prices. However, we will also use our Npower business comparison service to provide you with quotes from other competitive suppliers.

Our Npower business comparison UK wide service is designed to be as simple as possible. All you need to do is enter your details into our quick comparison tool. We will ask for information including the name of your supplier, your contract end date and how much you consume. This will be used by the various suppliers to calculate your energy quotes.

Once we have negotiated the best rates, you will be sent a list of available quotes to compare. When considering which supplier provides the best service, it is always advisable to consider every aspect. Think about what is most important to your business and establish which suppliers meet these requirements. For example, we recommend that you compare:

  1. Npower business energy tariff prices

  2. Npower business compare reviews

  3. Npower business energy terms and conditions

  4. Npower business energy account services

  5. Do they offer renewable energy contracts?

Switch to Npower business connections

Once you compare everything from the Npower business energy reviews to the available tariffs, it is time to choose supplier. You may find that you are already signed up to a great tariff, but you may still decide to switch. If you find a better deal, everything will be handled for you. If you choose to accept an npower business energy quote, the switch will take between 4-6 weeks.

We will send your details across to the Npower business energy switch team, who will liaise with your old supplier. There is no disruption to your supply, all you need to do is supply an Npower business meter reading. This will be used as the reading to calculate your final bill with your previous supplier.

Npower business compare quotes today and reduce your energy bills!

With our Npower business compare electricity service and the Npower business compare gas tool, we will negotiate the best prices. To find out more about Npower and other business energy suppliers, please contact our energy team today. Alternatively, if your business is ready to see whether Npower business energy will be a competitive option, enter your details into our tool.

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