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10 Best Card Machines For Small Business

Card Machines are a must have for all businesses that need to take payments from their customers. This is because more and more customers are choosing to pay by card or contactless payments than ever before. We are gradually becoming a cashless society. The rise in people using cards, especially for contactless payments has led to a larger choice of card machines. In the past, businesses had to use large chip and PIN machines. However there are now a wide range of app-based card machines. These offer a more affordable and flexible option for many small businesses.

If you are a small business looking for a contactless payment machine, there are plenty of portable machines available. These machines connect via Bluetooth to your mobile devices and an app is used to process the payment. The customer simply taps their card or uses traditional chip and PIN the same way as traditional card readers. We can help by showing you the 10 best card machines for small business.

10 best card machines for small businesses

Business Comparison has compiled this list of the 10 best card machines for small businesses. We hope this helps you find the ideal machine for your business. We compare, you save time and money. 

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1. Takepayments

No 1 on our list of the 10 Best Card Machines for Small Business is Take Payments. If you are looking for a solution tailored around your business needs then Takepayments are an excellent choice. They are a popular merchant services provider in the SME sector of the UK, with one of the key benefits being able to offer the reduced rates that a contract allows, but only asking for a 12 month commitment. Their packages come with no set up fee and can be ready to use within 24 hours. With the majority of their customers running through their payment partner Barclaycard, they are able to offer next day settlements at no extra cost (Subject to terms and conditions). With a variety of products at hand from card terminals, EPOS solutions, App based payment products and even web design one of their payment consultants will work with you to create a bespoke solution around your business needs.

2. Square

No 2 on our list of the 10 Best Card Machines for Small Business is Square.  Suqare claims to be a digital payment processing provider which meets the needs of businesses of every size. The Square card reader is small enough to fit into your pocket. It will accept: contactless, chip and PIN, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. The machine accepts payments via the Square app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. The feature rich app provides detailed sales reports, with data taken from real-time sales. The transaction fees range from 1.75-2.5%, with cash available in your bank account within 3-5 days. A Square reader is an ideal solution for taking payments via debit and credit card.

3. iZettle Reader

The no 3 on our list of the 10 Best Card Machines for Small Business is the iZettle card reader.  It is also the market leader in the UK. The iZettle card reader is designed to be versatile, so will accept the widest range of possible card payments of all card readers. The machine itself is stylish, with customers able to choose the colour option from either white or black. The payments are processed via the very user friendly iZettle app. this app offers a range of innovative features inclusing the ability to link to an eCommerce website. The cost for processing payments is fixed at a rate of 1.75%. This iss the case whether customers pay by chip and Pin or contactless. Like most of these card machines it links to the app by connecting via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Your customers will be able to make payments using credit and debit cards

4. PayPal Here

If you prefer to use the services of a long-standing brand, the PayPal Here card machine could be the best option to allow your business accept card payments. PayPal is well-known for its online payment services and they have made a lot of progress when it comes to mobile card payment solutions. The Paypal Here point of sale and mobile card reader will accept payments from all major cards, in addition to Android Pay and Apple Pay. There is no long contract and payments are processed to your PayPal account almost immediately. Although, if you want to move funds straight to your bank account it will take 3-5 business days. The transactions fees may be slightly higher than other card machines, as the cost will depend on the total value per month.

5. Worldpay Reader

The Worldpay reader is the brands first machine released for the mobile payment market. It is one of the more expensive machines to buy, however there is a rental plan available with an 18-month contract. If you are looking for a card machine with low transaction fees, this is one of the best. The exact fee you are charged will depend on factors such as your turnover per month, so if you are a very small business this card machine may be ideal. This machine will allow you to take payments via Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, with bank transfers taking up to 3 days. The card reader itself is relatively basic and uses the same design as the PayPal card machine. However the app will allow your business to accept payments over the phone, send remote payment links and even send email invoices.

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6. Shopify POS

If your business hosts its website with Shopify, you can benefit from an attractive fee of 1.7% per transaction. This makes this mobile card reader as one of the cheapest solutions. There is an ongoing monthly cost of £7, however the host of features which can be linked to your online Shopify store means that these are great machines for small businesses.

7. Barclaycard Anywhere

This mobile card machine from Barclays uses the same machine as Worldpay and PayPal. This is one of the best machines available thanks to its low fee for card payments, which is set at 1.6%. However, the app is relatively basic and doesn’t offer many of the useful reporting features found from other providers. If you are looking for the best card transaction fees and do not need a card reader with a range of additional features, these card readers could be a great option.

8. SumUp Air

If you are looking for an economical card machine, the SumUp Air is a great option. There is no setup or delivery fee, simply purchase the machine and you will then be charged a fixed rate of 1.69% per transaction. SumUp’s pay as you go solution means if you don’t take any payments, you won’t pay anything. The machine features all basic functions needed to take card payments via the free SumUp app. The machine itself is simple and modern, with a design that is user-friendly for both PIN and contactless card payments. It will take 1-3 days for payments to clear in your own bank account, which is relatively quick compared to some providers. If you’re looking for a card processing machine with no monthly fee, SumUp maybe just what your business needs.

 9. Ingenico iWL251

Although these are traditional countertop card PDQ’s, they are fully mobile machines which may suit the needs of many small businesses. The PDQ is small enough to fit into a pocket and will accept payments from all major cards via PIN and contactless payments. It is one of the best card machines for small businesses that need to process payments quickly and will help cut down on waiting times.

10. MyPOS

This is one of the newest card readers available in the UK, with a range of useful features for small business users. There are a variety of MyPOS machines to choose from, with the most basic being the MyPOS Go and the most expensive being the MyPOS N5. The fees for card payments are in line with other machines for small businesses, with a flat rate of 1.75% per transaction. There are a range of additional add-ons which indicate this could quickly become one of the best card readers available, including multi-currency support, instant access to card payments, GiftCards and the ability to earn money be recharging phones through the device.

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The increasing availability of card machines has helped many small businesses to adapt and meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. We hope this list of the Best Card Machines for Small Business has helped you compare the options available to you. We understand the importance of being able to compare deals, products and services, so always aim to help businesses find the best option available. To find out more about how we can help your business compare everything from loans to bank accounts, please contact our team today. 

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