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Compare more than 50 insurers

Compare more than 50 insurers

A panel of A-rated insurers

A panel of A-rated insurers

Specialist post-sales service team

Specialist post-sales service team

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Up to £10 Million of Cover

Up to £10 Million of Cover

Secure up to £10 million in public liability coverage, safeguarding your business against potential claims from the public.

Protect Your Business Against Liability Claims

Protect Your Business Against Liability Claims

Shield your business from legal fees, expenses, and compensation claims, providing protection against injury or property damage.

Business Insurance for Everyone

Business Insurance for Everyone

From small businesses to larger enterprises, we're here to ensure businesses of all sizes get the protection they need.

Protect Your Excess

Protect Your Excess

For a nominal fee, your cover will reimburse your policy excess in the event of a claim, ensuring minimal financial impact on your business.

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Business Insurance Definition

Insurance plays a vital role in operating your business, safeguarding you against operational losses that could occur due to unforeseeable events. A comprehensive business insurance solution provides essential protection, making it a prudent investment in business continuity.

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Business Insurance Explained

Benefit from peace of mind with our broad spectrum of business insurance options, covering public liability, professional indemnity, employers' liability, business interruption, and more.

Who Needs Business Insurance?

Whether you're a large corporation or a small business owner, business insurance is essential to protect against professional mistakes, accidents, theft, or damage to premises.

As a business owner, ask yourself if you would want protection should something happen, such as a professional mistake, accident in the workplace, theft, or damage to your premises.

The costs and legal fees involved with sorting such incidents are not business as usual, and these unexpected costs can cause problems. Insurance for business owners can give you peace of mind.

Do I Need Business Insurance?

Whether you need business insurance depends on the type of business you operate. If you employ staff, it is a legal requirement that you have employers' liability insurance. Does your business interact with members of the public? If so, you will need public liability insurance – it doesn't matter whether it's on your premises or theirs. However, regulatory bodies you operate under may require you to have professional indemnity insurance.

Outside of this, whether you need business insurance depends on the potential risks you face and the value you see in obtaining cover. What would you do if your business was interrupted and trading became limited or ceased for a period of time? Can you afford to lose your income?

Business insurance cover can help protect you from these uncertainties. Comparing business insurance will allow us to understand your business insurance needs.

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Types of Business Insurance Coverage

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for businesses employing staff, protecting against compensation claims for employee illnesses or injuries.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential for businesses interacting with the public, covering property damage and bodily injury claims.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial for businesses offering advice or services, protecting against negligence claims.

Product Liability Insurance

Ideal for manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers, Product Liability Insurance protects against claims from products causing injury or property damage.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance offers financial protection against disruptions such as building damage, utility failures, and more.

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How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Business insurance costs vary based on cover types, business size, annual turnover, public footfall, and the number of employees. Use our comparison service to find the most affordable quote without compromising coverage.

The following is taken into consideration when generating your business insurance quote online:

  • Profession or trade

  • Your annual turnover

  • Your premises' public footfall

  • The number of employees you have

Policy prices for business insurance vary quite significantly. As every business is different and has unique cover requirements there is no “one policy fits all” solution. That's why we offer a business insurance comparison service. We'll compare insurance providers to help you find the cheapest business insurance quotes online without compromising on cover.

Why compare insurance quotes?

There are many good reasons to compare insurance quotes, including the following:

Trusted Suppliers: We collaborate with a panel of trusted insurers.

Multiple Products: Compare various business insurance products in one place.

Tailored Solutions: Find the right solution for your unique business needs.

Best Deals: Our service compares cover across the market to secure the best deals.

Save time and money by comparing business insurance quotes online with our user-friendly insurance finder service. Tell us about your business, and we'll find the best insurance solution for your requirements.

Why Compare Business Insurance with Us?

Our simple process allows you to effortlessly compare business insurance quotes, saving time and eliminating headaches. With a wide range of options from insurance providers, you can find coverage perfectly suited to your business. Save valuable time and money by comparing with us today.

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Business Insurance FAQs

Choosing the right insurance company is essential to effective risk management. Alongside ensuring the policy they offer meets your business's needs, factors to consider when making your choice include the insurer's reputation, financial stability, experience in the industry and the flexibility to customise policies based on your business requirements.

Yes, insurance providers often offer combined policies that include both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability coverage. This integrated approach simplifies the insurance process for businesses, offering efficient protection against a wide range of potential risks.

Businesses can implement risk management practices to manage insurance costs, maintain a strong track record of quality service and work closely with insurers to understand potential risks. Additionally, shopping around and regularly reviewing coverage ensures that the insurance remains cost-effective.

Yes, it’s highly recommended for limited companies to have insurance coverage. Limited Company Insurance can protect your business assets, mitigate risks and provide financial support in case of unexpected events. It ensures that your company is well-prepared for potential liabilities and unforeseen challenges.

The type of insurance your small business needs will depend on various factors, from the industry you operate in to the unique risks involved. Tailoring your coverage to your business needs is essential for comprehensive protection.

Yes, Business Contents Insurance is crucial if you want to safeguard your company's physical assets, such as equipment, inventory and furniture. This coverage ensures that you can recover financial losses due to theft, fire or flooding.

Yes, we can help you find competitive deals on insurance policies for builders to provide cost-effective coverage for your construction business. Our service allows you to compare various options, ensuring that you find affordable construction insurance that meets your specific needs.

Yes, we can help you find the most suitable coverage for your trade business. Our panel of experts understand the unique risks tradespeople face, and our comparison service allows you to secure an insurance policy that addresses your specific requirements at a competitive rate.