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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs
Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

A guide to British Gas Lite energy

The British Gas Lite business offering is designed specifically for micro-business customers. British Gas Lite for business aims to provide low energy costs, accurate bills and instant help.

Why use BusinessComparison to find you a better deal?

On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year
On average, we save a business on energy bills £446 per year
Protect your rates from rising business energy costs
Protect your rates from rising business energy costs
Our energy customers save an average of 40%
Our energy customers save an average of 40%
Fair pricing guarantee
Fair pricing guarantee
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What is British Gas Lite energy?

The tariff is only available to small businesses with a British Gas Lite smart meter. Although, they must also be willing to pay by direct debit. If you are not currently signed up to British Gas, you can switch and will be provided with a free meter.

The service is designed to be 100% online, with a UK based webchat support system. This means customers can benefit from access to a digital portal, with full account management. By equipping customers with quick access to their usage information, businesses will be able to improve efficiency.

How are British Gas Lite prices calculated?

All customers of British Gas Lite energy will have their meter reading sent automatically every month. This means you will only pay British Gas Lite rates for the exact energy which your business uses. The British Gas Lite rates are lower than standard tariffs, as everything is managed entirely online.

Your British Gas Lite tariff will be calculated based on a series of factors, which are bespoke to your business. This includes your businesses location, the amount of energy you use and the size of your business.

British Gas Lite compare for business

Here at BusinessComparison, we are committed to helping you compare and negotiate the best energy prices. This is why we offer:

1) A British Gas Lite compare electricity service

2) A British Gas Lite compare gas service

British Gas Lite compare deals

The first step to finding a competitive supplier and ideal service is to enter your details into our comparison tool. All we need to know are a few key details from your most recent energy bill. This includes, the rate you pay, your current tariff and the date your contract ends. Our team will then negotiate the best prices for you from our panel, including the British Gas Lite contract.

Once you have received your list of potential deals, you will need to assess each option. It is important to see if the supplier is a great fit for your business. Many businesses will only consider the price, but there are other factors which you should compare, including:

1) British Gas Lite compare quotes

2) British Gas Lite compare reviews

3) British Gas Lite comparison of renewable deals

4) British Gas Lite comparison of terms and fees

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How do I switch to British Gas Lite for business?

When you compare British Gas Lite reviews and are happy to proceed with your British Gas Lite quote, it is time to switch. It is possible to complete your British Gas Lite sign up within just 4-6 weeks. It is designed to be quick and straightforward, as they will manage the whole changeover process. During the switch, there will be no interruption to your supply as they will use the same supply network.

You will need to supply a British Gas Lite meter reading on the day your supply switches. This will be used to calculate your final bill for your previous supply, so that your account can be closed.

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British Gas Lite compare online today!

If you would like to complete your British Gas Lite comparison today, simply enter your details into our simple tool. If comparing British Gas Lite online comparison is not for you, our dedicated energy team will be able to help you compare energy providers over the phone. Are you looking to switch to a British Gas Lite gas tariff or a British Gas Lite electricity deal? Whatever you need, we can assist you.

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