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A guide to British Gas business energy

As the price of energy rises, it is becoming more important than ever to find a competitively priced supplier. This useful guide will take you through everything there is to know about British Gas business energy and their services.

Who is British Gas business energy

British Gas is one of the leading suppliers of business energy across the UK. Their British Gas business B2B services currently provide gas and electricity to more than 500,000 businesses. They are part of the Centrica company, which is currently investing considerably in sustainable and renewable energy.

British Gas business compare tariffs

There are a range of British Gas business tariffs to choose from, with a variety of fixed and variable rates. The most common electricity and gas tariffs are fixed rate, variable and prepayment options. Although, British Gas business green energy tariffs are also available at competitive prices.

Whichever tariff you choose, there are a variety of discounts and offers available. For example, British Gas business renewals for gas supplies under 80,000 kWh per year, will save roughly £600 per year. British Gas business renewable energy green tariffs are also available, although you will need to pay a small fee.

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British Gas business compare electricity tariffs

British Gas business energy tariffs for electricity are designed for businesses of all sizes. If you run an SME, you will have access to 1, 2 and 3 year fixed rate plans. For ease, can be managed entirely online. Alternatively, if you run a large business, you will be able to negotiate a bespoke solution. There are a variety of options available, with competitive rates for various regions.

British Gas business compare gas tariffs

In a similar way to electricity tariffs, gas supply is divided into plans for SMEs and larger businesses. The tariffs include multi-site options, service and repair plans, alternative deal structures and varying contract lengths. When you switch to British Gas business energy you will benefit from a boiler service. This is one of the ways they help to ensure your business is operating efficiently.

British Gas business deemed rates

British Gas business deemed prices are the most expensive rates offered. This includes both British Gas business gas deemed rates and those offered for electricity. If you have moved premises and are considered to be a British Gas business new tenant, you may be paying deemed rates.

If you have moved to new premises and have not yet arranged a contract, you will be automatically allocated a deemed rate plan. As a British Gas business new customer, you need to arrange a contract. This will provide them with your consumption details, so they can estimate your usage and provide an accurate quote.

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How are British gas business tariff rates decided?

Unlike domestic properties, British Gas business energy tariffs are bespoke to each business. This means an individual British Gas business electricity quote and British Gas business gas quote will need to be obtained. There are no British Gas business dual fuel tariffs available, instead you will be able to negotiate separate tariffs. Whether you are looking to compare British Gas business electricity tariffs or British Gas business gas prices, we can help.

Your actual British Gas business rates will be calculated based on a variety of factors. These are completely unique to your business and include, your location, business size and industry. Your credit rating will also be a deciding factor in the overall price paid. This varies between suppliers, however British Gas only supplies to businesses with a credit score over 30 for electricity.

The overall price is determined mainly by the unit rate and the standing charge. If your business consumes a vast amount of energy your British Gas business price per kWh will be low. This is because it will be much easier to predict your British Gas business bill, so they will be able to purchase your energy in advance.

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British Gas business compare the market

Our simple comparison tool is designed to help you compare tariffs from suppliers across the UK. Simply enter details into our tool, such as your contract end date and your consumption rates. This information can be found on your latest energy bills.

British Gas business compare prices process is quick and easy thanks to our tool. As soon as we have your details, we will negotiate the best British Gas business comparison rates. Although, you will also be presented with a list of other suppliers which offer competitive deals.

When it comes to British Gas compare everything, from the prices to the exact service you will be offered. This means your business will benefit from great prices and a reliable supply. It can also be beneficial to check British Gas business reviews, to see how other businesses rate them.

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British Gas business energy switch process

Our British Gas business comparison page will make it quick to compare the British Gas business quote against other suppliers. If you decide to switch suppliers, the British Gas business energy team will manage the whole process. You will be able to switch suppliers when your current contract ends.
If you decide to switch early, you will need to pay an exit fee. This varies between suppliers, but British Gas will charge between £25-£30 if you decide to leave. If you move to a new location, you will need to speak to the British Gas business moving premises team.

They will liaise with your current supplier to move the supply across and you will be sent a confirmation pack. This pack will include your contract, energy price, account number and changeover date. On this date you will need to send a British Gas business meter reading across. It will only take between 4-6 weeks to move your supply across to a British Gas business energy tariff.
If you would like to find out more about our British Gas business comparison tariff tool, please contact our team today. Alternatively, enter your details into our comparison tool to compare British Gas business online today.

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British Gas business benefits

Alongside aiming to provide competitive energy prices, they also offer a variety of benefits to business customers. This includes energy contracts which can be arranged for periods of 1 to 3 years.

During your contract your business will have access to a business account manager, which will be assigned to your business. They will also be able to offer expert advice to help your business reduce its energy consumption.

If you run a small business, you may be interested in the British Gas business lite service. This tariff is offered with a free smart meter and your account is managed entirely online. However, British Gas business smart meters should be supplied to all customers before 2020.

If your business uses a smart meter, you will only need to pay for the exact energy used. This means there are no estimated bills and you will be able to keep track of your energy usage. The meter is designed to spot any areas of energy efficiency which could be improved.

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