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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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Dual Energy is a UK based independent electricity supplier, which was founded in 2009. Their aim it to become a low-cost alternative to the ‘Big Six’ for commercial customers. This commitment is making Dual Energy price comparison very popular.

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Although their main goal is to provide low-cost electricity, there are also competitive Dual Energy business services. For example, eligible customers can expect a free smart meter installation within 6 weeks of signing up to a tariff.

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There are a variety of electricity tariffs available, which the sales team can arrange for your business. Once they understand your consumption requirements, you will be advised which tariff is the best match for your needs.

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Dual Energy UK tariffs are popular with businesses of all sizes, thanks to the fixed and variable contracts. The SMARTSaver Dual Energy electricity tariffs will allow you to fix prices for up to 3 years. However, if you are looking to benefit from potential unit price decreases, there is an option for an annual review.

Alternatively, new customers can also choose a prepay service or budget plan payments. These tariffs are designed to improve budgeting, by allowing your business to spread costs evenly.

Gas tariff comparison

Currently, Dual Energy gas supplies are not available. However, here at BusinessComparison we have a large panel of gas providers which offer competitive tariffs.

Dual Energy green gas and electricity

There are no green gas tariffs available, however a percentage of their electricity supply comes from renewable sources. Currently, there are no electricity tariffs which offer 100% renewable energy.

Dual Energy business deemed contracts

If you use electricity without arranging a contract, you will be charged expensive dual energy business rates. These are the most expensive rates, so it is advisable to arrange a contract before you are moved to these.

As they do not offer gas tariffs, you will not be moved to a Dual Energy gas deemed rate tariff. If you have moved and the electricity supply is through Dual Energy, the gas will be from another provider.

Dual Energy compare customer reviews

When you are considering which supplier to choose, there is more to consider than the Dual Energy rates. Although we include Dual Energy supplier services on our panel of energy providers, you should always read customer reviews. There are honest Dual Energy reviews available online which will offer a useful insight into their service levels.

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As a genuine Dual Energy business broker, we are committed to arranging the best business solutions for you. Simply enter your details and secure the best electricity prices today.

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f you think that Dual business energy could be the ideal supplier, the first step is to ask for a Dual Energy business quote. Our Dual Energy business online comparison process also provides you with quotes from other eligible suppliers. So, not only will you find Dual Energy business prices, you will also be provided with a variety of quotes from different business energy suppliers.

The comparison tool is very quick to use, simply enter your details and we will negotiate the best tariffs for you. All you need to do is compare the options and decide whether to switch. If you believe Dual Energy provides the ideal tariff, we will pass your details across. They will then manage the whole switch, so there is no disruption to your supply. Finally, you will be asked to send a Dual Energy business meter reading on your changeover day.

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