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Protect your rates from rising business energy costs

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Total Gas & Power is a well-known energy company here in the UK, with a reputation for efficiency and reliability. Total business supply provides high-quality energy to businesses across the UK, with a range of competitive Total business services.

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Total Gas & Power supplies both electricity and gas to commercial properties across the UK. Through competitive Total business prices and excellent customer service, they have grown into the prominent supplier they are today. Alongside the competitive Total business rates, customers can also access sustainable and renewable energy tariffs.
Total Gas & Power have already invested more than £5 billion into a research and development program. The aim is to generate new sustainable and renewable energy sources, which reduce the impact on the environment.

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Total business compare tariffs and contract benefits

Total business tariffs include separate gas and electricity tariffs, although there are some dual Total business tariffs available. Whichever Total for business tariff you join, your business will benefit from an AMR meter or a smart meter.

Total business energy meter options

If you are a Total business gas and electricity customer, your business could benefit from an AMR meter. These will automatically track your energy consumption, so that you receive accurate bills. Alternatively, Total business solutions can also offer Total business smart meters, which also supply automatic meter readings. However, these meters record your consumption in real time, for improved accuracy.

Total business compare gas

If you are looking for a Total business gas tariff, your business will have the same options as those listed above. For example, there are tariffs which offer Total energy business variable rates and competitive fixed price options. If you use more than 10 GWh per year of Total gas for business, you are considered a large business. This means your business will have access to both competitive Total business gas rates and a variety of investment benefits.

If your business is looking for renewable Total business gas rates, the Eco-Energy option is ideal. The tariff uses gas generated from food and farm waste.

Total business UK bill payment options

Every Total business energy UK customer will be eligible to receive bills either monthly or quarterly. It is possible to pay your bills by direct debit, bank transfer or by card over the phone. Currently there are no Total business pay as you go tariffs or Total business PayG options available. This means it is not possible to use a Total business prepayment facility.

Total business deemed rates

If you are looking for the best Total business deals, avoid Total business gas deemed rates and electricity rates. If you have moved it is your responsibility to arrange a contract, as there are no Total business landlord options. If you continue to use a supply outside a contract you are likely to be paying an expensive rate. To benefit from the best prices available, you should arrange a Total business new customer contract.

Total business compare electricity

The Total business electricity tariffs are designed to suit the requirements of businesses of various sizes. For example, Total electricity for businesses which spend under £1m per annum, those which spend more and public sector organisations.

If you are considered a small or medium sized consumer, there are a variety of fixed and variable rate options. The fixed Total business electricity rates include, the Smartfix, Fix for Five, Eco-energy and the Marketmatch tariffs. 

The longest contract terms are offered by the Smartfix and Fix for Five tariffs. These tariffs will allow you to fix prices for up to 5 years. The Marketmatch tariff is fixed for 1 year, with prices adjusted annually to follow market rates. If you are an SME looking for Total business variable rates, the Freestyle tariff is the closest option. Prices will be fixed for 12 months, but beyond this you will be moved to a variable rolling contract. If you are looking for a renewable supply, the Eco-energy tariff will be ideal. 

The tariff uses 100% renewable sources and rates are fixed for between 1 and 5 years. The electricity is generated from wind, sea and solar power. For larger businesses, the Marketguard tariff will provide yearly reviews against wholesale market prices. If prices on the market fall your Total business electricity prices per kWh will also fall. However, if they were to rise you will benefit from protection against price increases. There are also various options available such as half-hourly electricity meters.

Total business compare prices

Before you make the decision to quickly sign a Total new business contract, you should compare energy suppliers online quotes. As an energy broker, we have partnered with the Big Six suppliers, alongside a variety of independent suppliers. This means your business could have access to the best electricity and gas prices, from suppliers across the UK.

The ideal time to compare is during your renewal window, as you will have a quote from your current supplier. This can be used to compare the quotes you receive, including the price for Total energy for your business. We always advise comparing prices each time your contract is due for renewal. This will ensure you always benefit from the best deal. If you decide to switch to Total business energy, we can assist you again with your Total business renewals.

To begin your Total Gas & Power comparison, simply enter your details online. We will need to know details including your suppliers name, the energy you consume and how much you pay. This information can be quickly found on a recent bill. Whether you are looking to compare Total business gas online or electricity online, we will find the best quotes.

Once we understand your consumption, we will negotiate the best prices for your Total business gas quote and electricity quote. If you are looking for a Total large business or small business quote, we will find the tariffs for you. Although, you will also be provided with the best deals available from our panel of suppliers.

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Total business compare quotes and switch

If you decide that your Total business energy quote is the ideal option, we will pass your details across. They will then use the details from your Total business quote to switch your supply from your current provider. The switch will take roughly 4-6 weeks and all you need to do is send your Total business meter reading. This will be used to calculate your final bill, which will close your energy account with your current supplier.

Total business compare reviews

Total business compare reviews

Before switching to Total Gas and Power, it can be useful to read some honest reviews from past and current customers. There are a variety of online reviews available from other business customers, which could be beneficial. You will obtain a useful insight into the service levels which your business can expect.

Compare Total business energy prices today and secure the best deal!

Compare Total business energy prices today and secure the best deal!

To find out more about Total Gas Power, our team are available to answer your questions. Although, if you are ready to begin your Total business comparison UK, our useful tool is available through our website. Start your comparison today and find the best Total business energy deals.

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