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Available from 1-28 day

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Cover for commercial, business & personal use

Cover for commercial, business & personal use

FREE courtesy vehicle (after an insured incident)

FREE courtesy vehicle (after an insured incident)

FREE motor legal expenses with every policy

FREE motor legal expenses with every policy

Replacement keys / locks cover (for loss or theft)

Replacement keys / locks cover (for loss or theft)

Temporary van insurance explained

Short term van insurance is the ideal solution when you’re looking to obtain temporary cover for van use from one day, a week or two to a month.

Temporary van insurance includes;

  • Online comprehensive cover

  • Instant cover from 1-28 days

  • Short term cover for drivers aged 21-75 years of age

  • Insure yourself on another van

  • Insure another driver on your van

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What cover do I get with temporary van insurance?

Your short term van insurance solutions will provide comprehensive cover to the named driver. Meaning you can drive away your van in the knowledge that you’re sufficiently covered.

When using a van for a short period of time, there is no requirement for a standard 12 month policy. Temporary van insurance is a reassuring way to get comprehensive insurance protection at an affordable price.

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When should you use temporary van insurance?

Temporary van insurance is used for a number of different reasons, including;

Temporary additional driver

Perfect if you’re borrowing or hiring a van from a friend or family member. If you’re borrowing the vehicle from 1-8 days, temporary van insurance will provide compressive cover to protect the van.


Or having a house clearance - it’s quite common to hire a van for one day or the weekend when you’re moving home or having a clear out. You need to ensure the van you’ve hired is insured before you’re allowed to drive it away.

Courtesy van

If your usual van is in the garage for repairs and you’re using a courtesy van, you will require temporary insurance to keep you on the road.

Drive away insurance

Found a van you just can’t wait for? Obtaining instant cover allows you to drive away your new van without delay.

Unaccompanied test drive cover

If you’re looking to test drive a new van and require cover to do so, one day van insurance will give you full protection.

Compare temporary van insurance quotes online to find the best rate for your needs.

Obtain a temporary van insurance quote in 4 simple steps;

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  • Print certificate & drive

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Who can use temporary van insurance?

Sole trader - you may find that you require a van to complete a particular job and your current vehicle just isn’t fit for purpose.

Small businesses – as a business owner, you may not need a van all the time and often hiring a van works out cheaper for you. When hiring a van, a temporary insurance policy will allow you to cover yourself and additional drivers at an affordable cost.

General public – vans of all sizes can be hired, providing your driving licence allows you to. You could hire a van to move to a new house or to transport goods too large for your car. Temporary van insurance, will ensure you can carry out the task you need to, knowing you’re fully covered.

How old does a driver need to be - In order to obtain temporary van insurance, drivers must be aged from 21 - 75 years of age.

What to remember when obtaining temporary van insurance

When obtaining a quote for short term van insurance, ensure you have entered the correct number of days that you require the policy for. Should you fail to do so and continue to drive the van, you would be driving illegally.

Make sure you’re covered for the entire period that you’re driving the van for, as driving without insurance can result in a fine and possible court prosecution. It’s not worth the risk.

What’s covered with short term van insurance?

When taking out temporary comprehensive van insurance, the following areas are covered;

  • Damage to the vehicle in an accident.

  • Malicious damage, fire, theft and vandalism.

  • Up to £20 million for damage to other people's property.

  • Legal obligations to third parties for injury or damage claims.

  • Fees for emergency medical treatment.

  • Permanently fitted sound and telephone systems up to £250.

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