75% of UK SMEs are not selling overseas

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Sage, an accounting software provider has recently carried out some research which has shown that 75% of SMEs in the UK are not selling overseas at the moment, and for the long-term have no plan to. The survey which went out to 400 firms, has shown that 7% only export to Europe and just 16% export around the globe. The remainder of firms do not export at all, and only 2% of the non-exporters plan to.

During Export Week, Sage are joining with the Government to display ‘Exporting is GREAT,’ this will be a part of the Government’s ‘GREAT’ campaign which is a challenge aimed at inspiring more of their customers to become exporters.

Chief Executive of Sage, Stephen Kelly has said “Exporting is a significant step on the journey – one that many small and medium businesses don’t feel they have the support or knowledge to take.”

He continued; “Our customers tell us that awareness of the opportunities and more government and industry support would help them make the move, so we are thrilled to be supporting Exporting is GREAT.”

The latest stats from UK Trade and Investment have shown that the cost of exports has fallen to £24.8 billion whereas the cost of importing has risen to £35.4 billion. As a result, the UK is a net importer because the cost of importing is £10.6 billion higher than the cost of exporting.

Within the UK exporting is part of the ‘national interest’ as the market in the UK is reasonably small and domestic this will limit any businesses growth. However, with Europe literally around the corner there are so many opportunities for UK businesses.

Here’s three SMEs who took the leap and started exporting…

  1. Pukka Herbs, (Pukka comes from an indie word which means ‘top quality’)

Based in Bristol, Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole joined together to create Pukka, a herb market which sells things like organic, herbal teas and supplements in 2002. Pukka’s exports from last year were £8.4 million.

  1. Planet X Bikes

Based in Sheffield, and founded by Dave Loughran, this firm works with countries such as the US and Italy to create new frames for mountain, triathlon and cyclocross bikes, which are popular in places like Scandinavia, America, Europe and Australia. The company was founded in 1990, but in 2010 it bought Titus Bikes, which allowed their exports to reach £6.1 million last year.

  1. Séraphine

After the Duchess of Cambridge wore a Séraphine dress in the first official photo of baby, Prince George, sales started hitting through the roof celebrities all over the world including Gwen Stafani and Jessica Alba wanted a Séraphine maternity outfit! The founder and creator Cecile Reinaud, based in London, managed to reach an exports value of £5.5 million last year.