Is your business in a stress hotspot?

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The most stressed city in the UK has been revealed and it’s not London!

Cardiff has been unveiled as the home of the most stressed out workers in Britain. Around 70 per cent of employees in the Welsh capital report high levels of work anxiety. According to the data, the most stressed worker in the city is a 25–34 year old male.

Overall, men were found to significantly more likely to report experiencing work-related stress than women, with half of male respondents (50%) confessing this was the case. That’s compared with more than one in three (38%) females.

Finance topped the industry list with 69 per cent of workers experiencing stress. This was followed by local and national government (68%) and health (66%).

The main causes of workplace stress were identified as working long hours, work performance and customer/ client satisfaction levels.

The research was carried out by Perkbox for a workplace stress report.

Top 10 | Most work-stressed cities in the UK

  1. Cardiff – 70%

  2. Wolverhampton – 64%

  3. London – 59%

  4. Coventry – 57%

  5. Liverpool – 55%

  6. Oxford – 55%

  7. Leicester – 53%

  8. Brighton and Hove – 51%

  9. Southampton – 51%

  10. Edinburgh – 50%