Keeping your employees happy

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How to ensure your employees love coming back to work

Apart from when they’re in their beds, full-time workers will spend most of their time at work or doing work related things. This makes it important for employers to create the perfect working atmosphere which will motivate their employees without distracting them, now doesn’t that sound like a magic formula?

What can you do?

The colour green – and no, not jealousy!

A good working environment will always include real green plants! There is something about them which makes people feel better about themselves. Nature creates a connection for them which enables them to not only feel better about themselves but about their jobs and the work they are doing. Your employees will also seem a lot happier in general. If plants are not an option (possible allergies) then you can substitute with pictures and collages of the outdoors!

Air to breathe!

It is vital that your employees can breathe, but it is nice for them to have the option of fresh air. Being stuck in a building all day can become stuffy, and depending on how your office is laid out try and have one window to six people.

Sunlight is an eye opener!

Seeing the sun can make anyone happy, but being stuck in work can also make a person depressed, if there is real sunlight outside then make the most of it and utilize it inside the office. If you are unable to provide a good enough light through windows then try using full spectrum or plant light bulbs – this way they can appreciate good lighting even on bad weather days.

Offer and promote healthy foods!

It is known that healthier foods create a better thinking cap but, nutrition also increases their staff’s energy levels and improves attitudes and moods. However, not everyone that works for you will want fruit and vegetables, some might not even like them (imagine!) this, is where an incentive could fit in nicely, put on a healthy eating competition – the word competition instantly makes people interested!

Don’t play safe with their workspaces and surroundings!

As mentioned, full-time workers will spend 5 days a week in work so it is your job to make it as fun as possible. If your setting is in a basic office then you should let your employees decorate their own desks – it is found that this will keep them motivated to come to work as it is their ‘own’ work space. Obviously, set boundaries you don’t want the latest ‘dreamy’ boyband plastered across your walls – that might be an awkward one to explain when visitors come in!