How to manage time wasters in your business

posted by 3 years ago in Tips

In a small business, time is one of the most valuable things and is also something you cannot get back, so when employees are actively wasting time while you’re trying to grow your business it can cause a delay in any progression.

But rather than going in with steam coming from your ears why not try and help your employees peak their full potential and see what talent they have?

So, what can you do to get the most out of your employees?

Be flexible

Understanding your employees and what their personal circumstances are is one of the hardest things a business owner can manage, especially with a larger team. But one thing that should be known to the business owner is whether they can manage the hours given, perhaps on day one your employee was as free as a bird and could work all and any hours but just like a business, people grow as well, and more commitments are made, for example; having children – after one bad night’s sleep a day in work may seem like a break for them but it can also be less productive as they are exhausted.

However, don’t be a pushover

Being an understanding boss is something that will be appreciated by many, but some will try and push their luck, so it is important that you do not mistake someone taking advantage for someone who actually needs the lenience from you. But when being firm it is also important that you don’t come across too harsh – let them know you won’t be taken for a fool but keep it professional.

Work flows and deadlines

If you know your employees have the potential but are maybe just too relaxed within the workplace then it is probably worth putting a work flow process in place with tasks expectations/results and deadlines this way you can monitor their productivity and measure the success that they are bringing into the business.

Weekly meetings

Rather than one-to-ones perhaps organise a weekly meeting with each department, this way you aren’t making it personal but instead, making it clear that you have expectations which you want fulfilling. Set an agenda for each meeting, ask what each person is working on briefly, assign projects and make sure their workflow is manageable. Not only does this imply the significance of the work but it also tells the staff that they are important and add value to your business.