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We’ve helped over 100,000 businesses

We’ve helped over 100,000 businesses

How can a business be more energy efficient?

There are many costs which businesses have very little control over, however it is possible for businesses to reduce their energy bills and increase profit margins. The first step is to ensure your business is signed up to the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs, then with a little effort your business can begin to look for ways to reduce energy consumption. To help your business we have compiled a list of the top 10 ways your business can save energy, without impacting business operations.

1) Switch off and unplug equipment

This is one of the best energy saving tips, simply remembering to unplug equipment when not in use or at the end of the day could significantly lower bills. Great examples within business environments are kettles, microwaves, and computers. There are timers available which will automatically turn off equipment such as printers, copiers, and water chillers in the evening and over weekends.

2) Make use of energy saving features

If you are looking to save energy in an office environment, try to use energy saving features wherever possible. For example, printers and computers can be switched to sleep mode which will save energy. Leaving a computer turned on with a screensaver active will consume more energy than switching to sleep mode.

3) Turn off the heating

Even if your business is signed up to a competitive energy tariff, there is no point heating an empty room or building. Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to ensure the heating is only set to come on exactly when required, with timers set to only heat the space when there are employees in the building. It may even be possible to lower the temperature to make further savings, with a temperature a single degree lower making a large difference to the bill.

4) Switch off lights

In the same way as heating an empty room, there is no point having lights on in empty rooms. Many businesses find that installing motion sensors can help to lower energy consumption, with lights set to come on when a person enters a room. For example, motion sensors in a bathroom can work well in a business environment. In addition, try to increase natural light within the building by opening blinds and keeping windows clean.

5) Improve your buildings energy efficiency

If you are looking to save energy on a large scale, improving the energy efficiency of your premises will have a great impact on your bills. There are many simple ways to improve efficiency such as moving furniture or equipment which is positioned in front of radiators and switching to LED lightbulbs. For businesses willing to invest a little extra, it is also possible to install insulation and eliminate draughts.

6) Purchase energy efficient equipment

Using energy efficient equipment will lower energy bills for businesses in every industry. Whether you are a small warehouse or a large manufacturing business, dated equipment is likely to use more energy. Although there will be an initial outlay, your business will save money and the efficiency of your business overall may improve.

7) Implement working from home options

Reducing the number of employees onsite will naturally reduce the amount of energy consumed. There are many industries which can implement technology designed to allow employees to stay productive and connected while working from home. This is a big step for many businesses, so even if it is not possible to have staff fully working from home, it may be possible to allow employees to work from home on certain days.

8) Maintain equipment

It is important to maintain all types of equipment to ensure they are operating in the most efficient way possible. Simply cleaning air ventilators, checking seals, and improving ventilation can improve equipment efficiency.

9) Involve employees

In every industry one of the best ways to conserve energy is to involve employees and encourage an active approach to energy reduction. Try to discuss energy use with the full team and ask for their involvement, this will make any measures your business introduces more productive. You may even find that employees have suggestions of measures which could be implemented to reduce consumption.

10) Monitor your energy consumption habits

To understand when your business uses the most energy you will need to monitor your consumption habits and take regular meter readings or install a smart meter. Not only will this improve the accuracy of your bills, it will also help your business find new areas to implement new efficiency measures.

The most effective way to lower your energy costs is to switch to the cheapest energy tariff available to your business. It may be possible to switch to a cheaper tariff with your current supplier, or there may be another supplier which can offer you a competitive deal. Our team specialise in helping businesses find the best energy deals and we can work with you to lower your energy costs. To find out more, please contact our team today.

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