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Exclusive rates

Exclusive rates

Funding in as little as 48 hours

Funding in as little as 48 hours

Loans tailored to your needs

Loans tailored to your needs

Estimate Your Finance with Our Business Loan Calculator

Our company loan calculator is a simple tool to help you estimate your company's finance costs. Simply enter how much you want to borrow, the term you wish to borrow for, and the interest rate you expect to receive, and we'll tell you your total and monthly repayable amount.

Please note that our business lending calculator is just a tool to estimate repayments, so using it alone won't secure your business a loan based on the information provided. Our business funding calculator is just a tool to help you estimate repayments.

If you're not simply looking for a business borrowing calculator, you can determine which Business Loan rates your business is eligible for by clicking the 'Compare Business Loans' button below.

Compare Business Loans

Business Loan Calculator

Discover your financial potential with our new business loan calculator! Whether you're an established SME or a startup, you can easily estimate your repayment costs by entering your desired funds and repayment duration.

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Total repayment amount

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*This calculator is intended for illustration purposes only and exact payment terms should be agreed with a lender before taking out a loan.

How We Compare Business Loans

We help businesses like yours find financing options that match your unique requirements. We know each business is different, so finding the best business loan will depend on various factors.

We take the time to get to know your business to calculate the best finance products for your business and provide helpful information with clear business loan repayment information.

The questions we ask help us understand your business's current financial situation, how much you need to borrow and what you need the funds for. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business, we can determine the best loans for you from our panel of lenders.

We save you from visiting many loan providers to find a competitive and flexible option. We only compare the most relevant finance solutions to save you time and effort and, ultimately, help you find the best loan available to your business.

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What Details Does BusinessComparison Need?

Our no-obligation Business Loan comparison service is fast and straightforward. When using our service, we'll ask you for the following information:

1. Your Borrowing Needs

The first stage will ask you how much you need to borrow, what it is for and how long you need to repay the loan.

2. Your Business's Finances

The second step will help us to build an understanding of your business finances each month. We will ask how long you have been trading for and your average monthly turnover.

To help us understand your income patterns, we will ask for the income you receive through a card machine and whether your customers use trade accounts. This information will provide us with the information we need to assess your current level of income and trading patterns so we can see which loans may suit your needs.

3. Your Business

Finally, we will ask for your business and personal details, including the legal status of the business, its name and company number. Within a few seconds, we will only present you with funding options that align with your unique requirements.

Using Our Business Loan Comparison Service

To make comparing loans easier, we list the results of the loans available to you with a match score percentage, which will show how closely the finance matches your specific needs. We also display the approval time and expected cost level to determine the most suitable loan.

At this point, it's possible to narrow down your options by answering more detailed questions, such as which sector you operate in, whether you own any assets and if you have financial accounts ready to provide.

During the pre-qualification stage, the accuracy of our eligibility predictions for each viable option increases when you provide as much detail as possible. This pre-qualification stage will give you an idea of the loan amount and terms you can expect from the potential lenders.

Once you have chosen an option, you'll need to complete the application process, which should only take 2 or 3 minutes. We will pass the information you provide to the lender, so you won't need to re-enter your details.

Once the lender processes your application, they will likely ask for evidence of your finances and a business plan. The lender will use this information to calculate the level of risk your business poses and whether you meet their exact lending criteria. If the finance is approved, funds can be available within 24 hours. Although, you can improve the speed of this process by having your documentation ready.

The final stage will involve reviewing and signing the documents. Understanding the terms and conditions before you sign and return any documents is essential. There may be unexpected charges, terms, or clauses that could surprise you during the loan arrangement. If you are unsure about details, ask for clarification or speak to a third-party professional.

Compare Business Loans

What Forms of Finance are Available?

Our lenders specialise in providing Business Loans from £1,000 to £20,000,000. Repayment periods are also very flexible, with smaller loans repaid in weeks or months and larger loans repaid over several years.

By working with a wide range of lenders, we can provide many forms of finance to assist with cash flow issues, asset purchases, property, fixed term finance and business turnarounds.

Our Business Loan comparison service includes eight financing options, including short-term and long-term finance solutions. If you want to purchase any kind of assets for your business, asset finance, short-term loans, and credit cards can help you spread the cost of the investment across affordable payments.

We can also help you secure more significant amounts over extended periods, such as bridging finance, commercial mortgages and secured business loans.

Improve Your Chance of Being Accepted for a Business Loan

With so many lending options available, the eligibility criteria can vary significantly between the lenders. In general, you can improve your chances of acceptance if you help the lender build a clear picture of your business and its ability to repay the loan.

You can achieve a positive outcome by providing a detailed business plan, which explains your plans for the future and how your business will use the loan. By demonstrating that you can easily afford the repayments, the lender will have more faith in your commitment to repaying the finance.

The interest rates and fees can vary significantly between loan options. Your financial position, credit rating and business plan will be deciding factors in calculating the risk when lending to your business.

Generally, the short-term, high-risk forms of finance will cost more. However, it may be possible to reduce the interest rate by providing the lender with a personal guarantee or security in the form of assets to the value of the loan amount.

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