Community Interest Company Loans

A guide to helping you understand and compare Community Interest Company loans


Grow your social enterprise with community interest company loans

If you are running a business with a community interest such as a social enterprise, charity or co-operative, we can support you financially with community interest company loans.

If you are looking to expand the business, pay for equipment or fund a marketing campaign, it is not always possible to finance these requirements with the business’ capital. Instead our lenders can provide anything from £1,000 to a maximum of £20,000,000.

To help you find the ideal community interest company loans for your business, we have produced this useful guide.

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What types of loans are available to community interest companies?

Our vast panel of lenders will be able to provide the ideal community interest company loans to suit your specific requirements. By working with high street banks, challenger banks, online lenders and alternative lenders we can offer competitive and flexible forms of finance to almost every business.

If you are looking for a short term business loan to fund an expense or improve cash flow, we can offer anything from credit cards and overdrafts to invoice finance and lines of credit. These forms of lending are designed to be repaid quickly and are ideal for businesses which are looking to repay the outstanding amount within 12 months.

Alternatively, it is possible to secure community interest company loans for a larger amount, through fixed-term loans, asset finance and mortgages. These types of credit can be repaid in just a few years, although for larger amounts the lender will be able to extend the repayment period across several years.

Who is eligible for community interest company loans?

By working with a range of lenders we can provide quick access to a variety of community interest company loans. The amount offered, terms and costs of the loan will usually depend on the risk associated with lending to your business.

The lender will consider aspects such as how long the business has been trading, the annual turnover and whether you will be providing security to cover the loan. The businesses credit rating also has a major impact on the loan terms, although lenders may also consider your personal credit rating depending on which form of finance you are applying for.

To help you find community interest company loans which suit your specific situation we have developed a simple finance finder tool. The system is designed to quickly and easily gather information relating to the loan you require and your financial situation, it will then match you to a variety of lenders and financial products.

By assessing the risks associated with the loan, you will be provided with a list of financial products which you are already pre-qualified for. In general, if your company has strong accounts and a good credit rating you will benefit from a lower interest rate.

Once you have found the ideal community interest company loans our team are always available to guide you through the application process. To find out more about our lenders or the loans we can provide, please contact our team today.

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