Limited Company Loans

A guide to helping you understand and compare Limited Company loans online

Limited Company loans to help your business

If you run a limited company, there is a strong chance that at some point your company will need to source finance. Whether you need additional capital to pay for day to day expenses, or a larger amount to fund a major expansion, there are a variety of limited company loans available. To help you in your search for competitive limited company loans in the UK, we have produced this useful guide.

How could a limited company loan help my business?

Loans are available for almost every purpose, with a range of short-term and long-term arrangements offered by our lenders. For example, we can provide a minimum of £1,000 to cover costs such as new equipment, a marketing campaign, or a short-term cash flow issue.

Alternatively, for long-term loans we can provide a maximum of £20,000,000 to cover the cost of new premises, expansion projects or even the buy-out of another company.

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What private limited company loans are available?

If your company is incorporated with Companies House, we can provide a business loan from our lenders which include high street banks through to alternative finance providers. The type of loan available will depend on factors such as how much you need to borrow, what the loan will be used for and your financial position.

If you are looking for a short-term unsecured form of finance, our lenders can offer loans in the form of credit cards, overdrafts, invoice finance, fixed term loans or even limited company car loans. For businesses which require a long-term loan, the most popular options are secured business loans, asset finance and commercial mortgages.

As a limited liability company, many lenders will require a shareholder or company director to provide a personal guarantee. This can mean that if the loan falls into arrears your own personal assets and credit rating will be at risk.

Although, this does depend on the businesses credit rating, with unsecured low-interest loans generally only offered to limited companies with an excellent credit rating and secure finances, rather thank those which are looking for limited company start-up loans.

Can I compare limited company loans?

Many owners are confused about which limited company loans suit their specific needs, but our finance finder tool can make it quick and easy to find a range of loans which meet your exact requirements. Simply enter your businesses details into our comparison tool and in just a few minutes you will be given a list of potential lenders and finance products.

The list will be ranked in order of how well the product matches your exact requirements, how expensive the loan is and the repayment period. This makes it very simple to compare products and start the application process.

As part of the application you will be required to submit the account you have filed to Companies House, bank statements and a business plan. These documents will be used to help the lender gain a detailed insight into how successfully your business is trading and whether you will be able to repay the limited company loan.

To find out more about limited company loans or discuss the application process, please contact our team today.

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