Unlimited Company Loans

A guide to helping you understand and compare Unlimited Company loans online


How to find the most competitive unlimited company loans

Whether you are in the process of starting an unlimited company or run an established unlimited company, there are many situations which may require you to seek financial support in the form of unlimited company loans.

There are many options available for a variety of businesses, so to help you find the most competitive loans which suit your exact requirements we have developed this useful guide.

What unlimited company loans are available?

There are a variety of common reasons why businesses require unlimited company loans, from improving the level of working capital to cover short-term costs, through to financing the purchase of new premises. By working with a panel of over 30 lenders we can provide access to unlimited company loans from just £1,000 to a maximum amount of £20,000,000.

The type of unlimited company loans available to you will depend on what you are looking to finance, the amount you need to borrow and your businesses situation. Short-term loans for smaller amounts can be repaid in just a few months, with larger unlimited company loans paid in affordable payments over a number of years.

By working with a variety of lenders, from high street banks to alternative peer to peer lenders, we can help you source an array of loans depending on your specific requirements. For example, we can help you source short-term finance such as credit cards, overdrafts and invoice finance.

Alternatively, if you need to borrow a larger amount, longer terms are available for finance such as commercial mortgages, asset finance and fixed-term secured loans.

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Will I be approved for unlimited company loans?

Our finance finder tool is designed to provide businesses with access to competitive and flexible unlimited company loans. The tool will assess your loan requirements and financial position by asking you a variety of simple questions about your income, the amount you require and the length of repayment needed. The system will then use this information to search the available unlimited company loans from our partner lenders.

A business with a strong financial position and excellent credit rating will be able to access the lowest interest rates and the most flexible terms. However, not every unlimited company is in this position, so you may need to accept a higher interest rate or provide security. A secured loan will reduce the risk to the lender, as you will be required to provide the businesses assets as collateral.

Alternatively, if you have a good personal credit rating or you own valuable assets, a personal guarantee could make it possible to borrow an unlimited company loan. Although, it is worth bearing in mind that if your business falls behind with repayments your own assets and finances will be risked.

Our team are committed to helping every business access competitive forms of finance, so we are always available to talk you through the process of comparing unlimited company loans within our finance finder tool. To find out more about the loans available to you or discuss the application process, please contact our dedicated team today.

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